Auria update – WaveMachine Lab’s flagship iOS DAW now ready for iOS8

Download from iTunes App Storeauria logo v2With Cubasis getting iOS8 support a couple of days ago, it’s great to see one of the other heavyweight iOS recording apps – Auria by WaveMachine Labs – also getting the ‘iOS8 ready’ treatment today.

This release – v.1.152 – brings a list of routine bugfixes and these are detailed in full on the Auria Discussion Board. However, as with the vast majority of the iOS music app updates over the last week or so, the highlight of the list of changes include support for both iOS8 and Audiobus 2. For the many iOS musicians for whom Auria is the primary recording platform, this will be a welcome sight.

Auria - happily now running under iOS8 :-)

Auria – happily now running under iOS8 :-)

Aside from a slight glitch when I first opened Auria (not sure what caused that but I couldn’t get it to repeat), having run a few projects through the new version this morning, things seemed to be working pretty well. I has no problems running the app as a stand-alone application and it seemed to work pretty well with Audiobus 2 used in combination with other music apps.

Auria's virtual mixer is very well featured and includes a good automation system.

Auria’s virtual mixer is very well featured and includes a good automation system.

While my personal recording app of choice is generally Cubasis (I’m a Cubase user on the desktop and I use quite a lot of MIDI instruments/sequencing in my own projects), I still roll Auria out for some audio-only projects. It is, undoubtedly, a pretty powerful multitrack environment and the virtual mixer is as well-featured as that found on many desktop DAWs. And, if you can stretch to the extra investment, there are some truly excellent IAP-based add-ons that provide plenty of additional processing options.

Auria seems quite happy running within Audiobus 2 under iOS8.

Auria running within Audiobus 2 under iOS8.

While we still don’t have MIDI recording support in Auria, as an audio-only multitrack recording environment, it is the most powerful platform that currently exists for iOS. Like Audiobus (and now Audiobus 2), Auria was something of a landmark release when it first appeared. The additions since then have improved it even further. Here’s hoping WaveMachine Labs can keep it moving forwards and, eventually, add that full support for MIDI. Even so, if you need an audio-only recording environment, Auria is as good as it currently gets under iOS and certainly worth its UK£34.99 price tag.


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    1. Glad devs are cranking out these ios 8 compatibility updates so quick. It’s definitely appreciated.

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