Auria sale – FabFilter plugins 25% off for limited time only?

Download from iTunes App Storeauria logo v2As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, WaveMachine Lab’s excellent Auria iOS DAW was given a minor update to v.1.155 and is currently 50% off in both the full and LE versions. At UK£17.49 for the full version this is a heck of a lot of DAW for a very modest price.

One of the things that makes Auria so attractive, however, is that it offers a series of IAPs to expand the capabilities of the app and that many of these then appear within the app much as VST or AU plugins appear in a desktop DAW. And some of these plugins are seriously good…

A week or so ago, all the PSP plugins were on sale for a limited time. This week, it looks like all the FabFilter plugins are discounted; the prices listed all seem to be 25% off the usual price (and thanks to Music App Blog regular Claude for the heads-up on this one).

The FabFilter plugins are all highly regarded in the desktop form but cost a heck of a lot more than these Auria versions. While all the Auria plugins do come at a price, this is still way below the desktop price but seem to provide virtually the same functionality.

auria fabfilter sale

It looks like all the FabFilter plugins are currently 25% off their usual price…. Grab a bargain quick?

However, if you are quick you can pick up a number of the FabFilter plugins for Auria at 25% off so, if you want to stock up on your Auria plugins with something like Pro-Q, Pro-DS or Pro-C, get to it soon as I’m not sure just how long these prices will hold.



Auria LE
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    1. Ooooh sweet temptation. I’m looking squarely at Timeless and hoping I’ve been good enough this year to get some iTunes gift cards :)

      According to Auria’s forum post, the FabFilter sale runs through the end of the year:

    2. Hey John:
      When I bought the last few ifabfilters for my collection, when I clicked on the specific filter, the description page said that the sale prices were through Jan 1. BTW if you are mastering for broadcast (radio, TV, web, multimedia, etc…) the Fabfilter Pro-L (the “L” is for Limiter) is I think the ONLY K-Meter option presently available for the ipad. I use the desktop version all the time and it’s a great K-Meter (the easiest to use IMO). I don’t think Final Touch or Mastering app have any K-Meter ability. But perhaps there is something in the Cubasis app? I’m not familiar with its functionality.

      thanks for posting; good luck with your move. I live in Florida, so I think I’d prefer the weather in France to that of Scotland right about now (or always ;).

    3. Jayson Vein says:

      Florida sounds nice right about now Claude, I’m in Wisconsin, so we are a little cool this time a year. ;)

      I was hoping the Fab Filter’s would have been 50% off like PSP, but, a sale is a sale, so I’ll be picking some up, I didn’t take advantage of the PSP sale. :( Wishing I would have.

      So, I have Final Touch and Igor’s Mastering app. I am mostly into recording Rock and Metal, but do play a variety of other styles. Claude you mentioned pro-L for broadcasting. Must have for music as well? If I have other Mastering apps?

      The only one I know is a fer sure buy for me is Pro-Q. Haven’t decided which others I will buy. One or two others. Maybe Retune or the Ds’er. Are those Fab Filter??

      Any thoughts from the gallery?

    4. Hey Jayson a great brickwall limiter is always a good thing to have, of course, but you can replicate its functions with some other auria plugins or apps. If your band is doing any kind of demo with multiple songs, then I,d get it right away. With a band demo, it’s critical that from song to song you have consistancy, otherwise you look amateur. This consistancy level is easily obtained using the same K-Meter levels to master each song. Modern heavy metal is notorious for its overuse of compression, but it wasn’t always so. Old Led Zepplin ablums, for example, have tremendous dynamic range. Modern metal is known to have very little dynamic range and headroom, so if you are mastering a song here and there for upload to soundcloud, you can mimic the K-12 meter level if you are careful (the one you would use) in final touch. Just look up the “K System.” There are only 3 settings. It’s just much easier to be consistant with a specific tool for this.

      GET THE PRO Q first! This is essential. This parametric EQ is so superior and more useful than auria’s built in “blind” EQ. IMO this is the best EQ there is (though the desktop PRO-Q 2 is even better). Secondly I’d get the Fabfilter C. Thirdly I’d get the Pro-G which almost seems designed to get clean guitar and vocal sounds, great for metal. All these tools will help each track be better and more pro.

      Tip: if you export from auria your mixed down songs to Final Touch and plan to upload to soundcloud or itunes use its new AAC function!!!! Only app I know of that has this high end feature.

      From what I can see final touch did a crap job of expaining what that little AAC button on the upper right hand does, and what a high end mastering tool it is. I’m gonna continue this in a separate post below because its so important for doing the best possible mastering for itunes/soundcloud, etc. Most of your fans will probably listen to your music on a cell phone, tablet, or cheap computer speakers, so its so important to understand how to best master for AAC.

    5. Hey Jayson part 2:
      Apple put out this incredibly useful white paper about AAC a few years ago. This explains a lot about how to best master for itunes.

      basically, you have to down sample 24 to 16 bits to be on itunes and this doc explains the best way to do so without needing to worry about adding dither. To help mastering engineers & musicians, Apple created this realtime free AU plugin called the AURoundTripAU (quote from white paper):

      “AURoundTripAAC Audio Unit
      The AURoundTripAAC Audio Unit lets you compare audio encoded using iTunes Plus AAC against a source audio file. It also includes clip and peak detection, as well as a simple listening test environment. The audio unit can be used in any audio unit host application, such as Logic or AU Lab. AU Lab is available as a free download at for iTunes.”

      Meaning in real time you can go back and forth in logic and monitor peaks and clipping between your uncompressed and AAC compressed file and make those final tweaks to make it sound pro. This is such a great tool and now final touch has it too. And it’s works pretty good! Meaning that little AAC button in the upper right corner of the final cut pro interface is its equivilent of apple’s AURoundTripAAC Audio Unit.

      Here’s tarekith’s great take on the apple’s AAC Round Trip plugin, what it does and how to use it.

      IMO final touch did a really poor job of explaining what its AAC button does. If you didn’t know about apple’s plugin I’m not sure if you’d get what it even does. But it,s amazing such a cheap app even has it.

      I wrote this in a hurry, so if anything is unclear let me know. :) happy holidays!

    6. Jayson Vein says:

      Hey claude! Very Much appreciated! I will look at the itunes Mastering stuff ASAP. Thanks for your thoughts on the Plugins as well. Are you on the AUdiobus or Auria Forum where I could send you a pm and bug you with some questions if I have any? I think John might get a bit tired of my emails to him. ;) lol……

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