Auria Pro update – WaveMachine Labs add Audio Units support to their iOS mega-DAW

Download from iTunes App StoreAuria Pro logo 1In reviewing Auria Pro when it was launched back in December 2015, I was hugely impressed with the ambition shown by WaveMachine Labs. In terms of the specification and feature list, this is perhaps the first iOS DAW/sequencer that crosses over into the capabilities of a fully-fledged desktop recording package….  No, perhaps not the top-end Logic Pro or Cubase Pro or the like, but certainly a feature set that matches the lower/middle ground of the desktop DAW/sequencer marketplace. Oh, and it runs on an iPad….  Auria Pro is a remarkable achievement….

Auria Pro has been updated - with iOS10 support tweaks and some significant new features....

Auria Pro has been updated – with iOS10 support tweaks and some significant new features….

Of course, with a piece of software quite so ambitious, it would be surprising if it didn’t also require some pretty hefty lifting gear to exploit all that potential….  and that certainly seems to be the case. If you want to run a DAW/sequencer that matches a desktop software environment then you need hardware that matches a desktop environment…  and not all iPads perhaps meet that criteria (even, perhaps, the latest models in terms of available RAM/storage space). That said, provided you are aware of your hardware’s limitations and design a workflow accordingly, you can create some staggeringly sophisticated projects within Auria Pro….

... including support for the AU plugin format. Yay!

… including support for the AU plugin format. Yay!

While the spec of Auria Pro is undoubtedly the most comprehensive of any iOS DAW/sequencer, it does still have one missing ingredient; support for the (relatively) new Audio Units (AU) plugin format. Rim from WaveMachine Labs has been indicating that it was coming though…  and, today, in v.2.0.6, it has arrived. Yay!

In fact, v.2.06 includes various bug fixes (always welcome), some tweaks for iOS10 support (also welcome) and a new ‘global MIDI keyboard’ as well as the highlight AU support feature. Other than seeing that there is a new ‘keyboard’ icon located top-left of the screen (and which pops up the new global MIDI keyboard option), I’ve not explored exactly how this operates as yet (although I assume it provides a universal virtual MIDI keyboard that you could use with any plugin synth or drum machine app you happen to be using within Auria Pro?)….

It's great to see AU plugins now working within Auria Pro. This was perhaps the last obvious gap in its feature set....

It’s great to see AU plugins now working within Auria Pro. This was perhaps the last obvious gap in its feature set….

However, I have experimented with a few AU plugins…. and while I’ve most certainly not had time as yet to do any extensive testing or pushed my system close to its limit, so far at least, the AU experience within Auria Pro has been a pretty positive one. I tried both audio effects and virtual instruments via the AU route and managed to get all the usual suspect – iSEM, NS1, RP-1, 6144, Korvpressor, etc. – all working without any issues. The only observation I’d make, is that for some plugins, I wasn’t able to access the preset system. This is something I’ve experienced with other AU hosts in the past but the issue may well lies with the plugin itself rather than the AU implementation in Auria Pro; presets worked fine with some apps.

I was, of course, able to run multiple instances of AU plugin apps within Auria Pro, including iSEM shown here.

I was, of course, able to run multiple instances of AU plugin apps within Auria Pro, including iSEM shown here.

It’s great to see WaveMachine Labs refining the performance of their uber-DAW/sequencer for iOS and the arrival of AU support is a massive step forward for both the app but, frankly, also for the AU format itself. This is the last of the really big DAW/sequencer apps to add AU to its list of features….   here’s hoping this provides additional encouragement other iOS music app developers to bring AU support to their own apps.

There are some great AU plugins already available and the option to run multiple instances of some favourites will certainly be welcome to regular Auria Pro users.

There are some great AU plugins already available and the option to run multiple instances of some favourites will certainly be welcome to regular Auria Pro users.

The original Auria was a complete game changer when it first launched on the App Store and Auria Pro is another huge step forward… and, with AU, it has moved forwards again. Yes, to get the best from the software, you will want to be using the best iOS hardware you can get your hands on but, that qualification notes, Auria Pro is very impressive. It might not be the cheapest iOS music app that you will ever buy – it is currently priced at UK£39.99/US$49.99 – but, in terms of features, this is as close to a desktop DAW/sequencer as iOS currently gets. Deep and demanding perhaps…  but also hugely powerful.

Auria Pro

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    1. ConfusedKitten says:

      I don’t even use/own Auria but I know that people have been waiting a long time for this update!

    2. Yes, we finally see big steps in the AU direction. This week Wolfgang Palm released AU support to wavegenerator and wavemapper (John, I think this is worth reviewing , it’s been a busy week though). Let’s hope that the implemntation is good and not a disappointment like iSymphony (the bug correction is taking long on this one). Finally my favourite instruments are about to be fully useable in DAWs ( I’m still praying for Thor, Sunrizer, TF7 the moogs, virsyns, Nave and Korgs).
      This also means that I’m moving back to Auria. As much as I like cubasis, Auria gets more done.

    3. Michael Bradt says:

      Is there a list of all available AU plugins anywhere?


    4. jim knopf says:

      I still prefer Cubasis for it’s nice workflow and at decent CPU useage, with direct project export to Cubase on my PC. Auria can’t offer anything replacing that kind of workflow.

      I don’t think any iOS DAW can remotely replace full blown DAW like Cubase or Logic. And what the reviewer calls kind of “middle ground”, names an iOS DAW which costs a bit too much CPU on iOS, just for trying to get closer. So all in all no: Auria is neither Cubase or Logic, nor a replacement for my Cubasis->Cubase workflow.

      It’s still a very nice effort of it’s own kind, and very good for pushing some competition. :-)

    5. Robert Goldberg says:

      What is that grey wind-tunnel-looking app. John? Is it a multiband compressor? Not familiar with that one. Thanks.

    6. If your on FaceBook I have a iOS AU Page I’ve been updating regularly since spring. You’re welcome to join:
      Here’s the latest list:
      2016.10.13 iOS Audio Unit Extension (AUv3)

      AU HOST
      Auria Pro (WaveMachine Labs, Inc.) *instruments & effects
      AUM (Kymatica) *instruments & effects
      Cubasis (Steinberg) *instruments & effects
      Cubasis 2 (Steinberg) *instruments & effects
      Ferrite Recording Studio (Wooji Juice Ltd) *effects only
      GarageBand (Apple) *instruments only
      midiSTEPS (Arthur Kerns) *instruments only
      modstep (AppBC) *instruments & effects
      MultiTrackStudio (Giel Bremmers) *instruments & effects
      n-Track Studio MultiTrack Recorder (n-Track) *instruments & effects
      Twisted Wave Audio Editor (Twisted Wave) *effects only
      Twisted Wave Recorder (Twisted Wave) *effects only
      zMors Modular (mobile only) *instruments & effects

      BASSalicious (MIDIculous LLC)
      Enkl monophonic synth (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      FM Essentials (Yamaha)
      iSEM (Arturia)
      iSymphonic Orchestra (Crudebyte)
      Jussi – Vocal Synthesizer (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      KQ MiniSynth (Ryouta Kira)
      NS1 (Nikolozi Pty Ltd)
      Phonem (Wolfgang Palm PPG)
      Ruismaker (Bram Bros)
      Ruismaker FM (Bram Bros)
      SwarPlug (Swar Systems)
      Viking Synth (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      WaveGenerator (Wolfgang Palm PPG)
      WaveMapper (Wolfgang Palm PPG)

      6644 equalizer by DDMF (Christian Siedschlag)
      apeDelay (apeSoft)
      apeFilter (apeSoft)
      Buttercup Bitcrush (Timothy Barraclough)
      DC-9 Overdrive (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      Envelope AU Reverb by DDMF (Christian Siedschlag)
      Esspresso de-esser (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      F-16 Filter (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      frekvens (Erik Sigth)
      Korvpressor (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      Lofionic Duplicat (Chris Rivers)
      MicSwap (Future Moments)
      MicSwap Pro (Future Moments)
      Phlox Phaser (Timothy Barraclough)
      PressIt multiband compressor (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      Remaster (Audioforge Labs Inc.)
      Resampler (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      RF-1 (Kai Aras)
      RP-1 (Kai Aras)
      SquashIt (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      Svep phaser, flanger, chorus (Klevgränd Produktion AB)
      Voice Rack: FX (TC-Helicon)
      Zero Chorus (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      Zero Reverb (Blamsoft, Inc.)
      zMors EQ (mobile only)

      Audio Unit extension requires iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Pro 1, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 6 or newer model and iOS 9 or 10.

      Did I miss anything?

    7. Charles Telerant says:

      Auria Pro may not be as full featured as Cubase but with all the plug ins and now AU support, it’s still 10x more than what I need. I’m content to use with no further exporting or laptop needed. A staggering gachievement . I love iOS.

      • I have both auria and cubasis and my impression is that auria is fuller featured than cubasis . In auria you can create auxiliary buses which allow to work on insert effects with more versatility. What does cubasis have more than auria?

    8. John, I ALWAYS look forward to your emails; you already know why, worker-bee!
      I was interned over a 64 ch Neve in the early ’90’s, just as DAT arrived, so the climb on this learning curve of digital MIRACLE APPS is much like unraveling alien technology for my poor mind.
      I’m w/you on Cubasis Pro, as a avid Cubase fan for years, & AYE, the pun was intended.
      Thx again for your blizzard of app journalism, I’m trying to keep up.
      To topic, I barely got BIAS & BIAS FX bugs under control,
      (newest IPad Pro 128GB & a flurry of iOS updates must’ve caught their coding by surprise.),
      & getting Drums HD 2 & Audiobussing them, shoots, I forgot I had to reload Garafeband…..
      You get it, I’m BURIED, but thx for all the news!!!

    9. We first used Auria Pro here at Bleikr Sound as a scratch pad, however increasingly using as an integral part of production, especially with Sugar Bytes apps (our desktop vers. of Cyclop layered). At this point haven’t attempted AU, but this article and subsequent comments have been encouraging.
      – Bleikr Morrison

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