Auria Pro SALE – WaveMachine Labs iOS mega-DAW 50% off for limited time

Download from iTunes App StoreAuria Pro logo 1So, summer is coming (well, here in the northern hemisphere at least) and that means lots of businesses (and some iOS music app developers included) are taking things a touch easier for a while as they peek out from their darkened programming suites and catch up on some vitamin D.

However, while things might be a bit slower in terms of new apps or app updates, that doesn’t mean our favourite iOS music app developers don’t have something to tempt us….  and summer sales are a good way to go about it…..  So, enter stage left, WaveMachine Labs with a 50% off Auria Pro sale that’s currently in progress.

I was hugely impressed with I originally reviewed Auria Pro. In terms of the specification and feature list, this is perhaps the first iOS DAW/sequencer that crosses over into the capabilities of a fully-fledged desktop recording package….  No, perhaps not the top-end Logic Pro or Cubase Pro or the like, but certainly a feature set that matches the lower/middle ground of the desktop DAW/sequencer marketplace. Oh, and it runs on an iPad.

Auria Pro brings a visual re-styling to go with the expanded - and very impressive - feature set.

Auria Pro brings a visual re-styling to go with the expanded – and very impressive – feature set.

Of course, with a piece of software quite so ambitious, it would be surprising if the software also didn’t push the limits of your iOS hardware and you do perhaps  need to be running a relatively new iPad in order to fully exploit the feature set. Thankfully, WaveMachine Labs seem to have been working hard on this and a number of technical updates have appeared since the original release to fix a few bugs and optimise the overall performance.

Auria Pro - now a fully-fledged DAW/sequencer with an impressive specification list.

Auria Pro – now a fully-fledged DAW/sequencer with an impressive specification list.

Anyway, if you are quick off the mark, you can pick up a copy of Auria Pro at 50% off the usual price – just UK£23.99/US$24.99. That’s a heck of a lot of software for a very modest price providing you have the iOS hardware to get the best out of it.

The original Auria was a complete game changer when it first launched on the App Store and Auria Pro was another huge step forward. Yes, to get the best from the software, you will want to be using the best iOS hardware you can get your hands on but, that qualification notes, Auria Pro is very impressive. Deep and demanding perhaps…  but also hugely powerful….  and, for the next couple of days only, ON SALE at 50% off the usual price. Hit the download button to pick up a bargain :-)

Auria Pro

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    1. Great value at the sale price. Especially if you add some Fab Filter IAP’s. Just watch out for the operating quirks.

      • Like crashing and losing data? I read that complaint last week on facebook iPad music group.

        • Cuscolima says:

          Well…it did crash several times for me…but I never loose any data. So yes, this app is still not 100% stable and I really hope that the dev will continue to update it, but I created my best songs with Auria and I can only recommend to buy it and support the dev. We are in a fast moving niche and not a lot of apps are half as good as this one

    2. eustressor says:

      If you want a top notch recording DAW for your iPad, it simply does not get any better than Auria. Add all the proprietary, high quality Fab Filter and PHP plugs (for pennies on the dollar compared to desktop prices – and, oh yeah, PHP also does the channel strips) plus unlimited instances of Wow or Turnado if you have those apps installed, and it’s simply in a league of its own. With a pair of synths and sample/soundfont player included for free, and two different guitar cab sims to choose from, you could literally make a complete album with just this app + plugs.

      And if you’re patient, you can buy almost all of the plugins on sale at least once a year, not all at the same time, mind, but both FabFilter and PHP have done this regularly since 2014. Great way to acquire a solid collection over time for even less pennies on the dollar!

      For me, I’ve found very, very few quirks I could not trace down to user error on my humble 1GB ram iPad Air 1. A rock solid performer. Love it :)

      • Oh, you know there are quirks, from discussions on AB Forum. Auria Pro is what you say, and you are quite right concerning FF at sale times. I just wish that the comparatively small issues would not keep getting pushed to the back of the queue,

        • eustressor says:

          Nothing really springs to mind … the whole “preset name on plugins isn’t saved between sessions” is a non-issue for me. I tend to save my presets pretty regularly.

          I once got Auria to crash and it corrupted enough of my song data that I had to start over … but that was after I foolishly attempted to reduce the gain on 30 tracks at once. My poor 1Gb Air 1 never stood a chance. To me, that’s just user error.

          Now, I *am* aware that some others speak of random crashes and quirks, but my opinion regarding Auria’s power and stability is based on my own experience. Bee’s knees ;)

    3. thanks

    4. Currently working on my 1st Auria Pro project – ALL AUDIO – no MIDI and I’ve just “unpacked” an old 16 track project that is now up to 69 tracks – No problems to speak of and it’s only using 9% CPU on my iPad Pro 12.9″ version 1. I’m very happy – Looking forward to MIDI, etc.

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