Auria Pro IAP sale – PSP plugins available for just US$4.99 each for a limited time

Download from iTunes App StoreAuria Pro logo 1In reviewing Auria Pro when it was launched back in December 2015, I was hugely impressed with the ambition shown by WaveMachine Labs. In terms of the specification and feature list, this is perhaps the first iOS DAW/sequencer that crosses over into the capabilities of a fully-fledged desktop recording package….  No, perhaps not the top-end Logic Pro or Cubase Pro or the like, but certainly a feature set that matches the lower/middle ground of the desktop DAW/sequencer marketplace. Oh, and it runs on an iPad….  Auria Pro is a remarkable achievement….

Auria Pro – as close as iOS gets to a desktop-level DAW/sequencer in terms of depth of features.

Of course, with a piece of software quite so ambitious, it would be surprising if it didn’t also require some pretty hefty lifting gear to exploit all that potential….  and that certainly seems to be the case. If you want to run a DAW/sequencer that matches a desktop software environment then you need hardware that matches a desktop environment…  and not all iPads perhaps meet that criteria (even, perhaps, the latest models in terms of available RAM/storage space). That said, provided you are aware of your hardware’s limitations and design a workflow accordingly, you can create some staggeringly sophisticated projects within Auria Pro….

While the spec of Auria Pro is undoubtedly the most comprehensive of any iOS DAW/sequencer, WaveMachineLabs have also made it plugin friendly. It features a range of very sophisticated IAP add-on plugins from the likes of FabFiler, PSP, Sugar Bytes and Positive Grid (amongst others) and, back in October, WaveMachine Labs added support for the Audio Unit (AU) plugin format that is steadily gaining ground under iOS.

PSP have all their Auria Pro plugins on sale for a limited time….

Anyway, it’s the PSP plugins that are the reason for this post. PSP’s desktop software is highly regarded and they offer five of their plugin line-up as options within Auria Pro. If you want to expand your Auria plugin collection, therefore, you might be interested to know that all five are currently on a limited time sale. You can pick up a copy of Echo, MicroWarmer, oldTimer, PianoVerb2 or SpringVerb2 for just US$4.99 each (around UK£4.50 I guess at current exchange rates).

Auria might not be the cheapest iOS music app that you will ever buy – it is currently priced at UK£48.99/US$49.99 – but, in terms of features, this is as close to a desktop DAW/sequencer as iOS currently gets. Deep and demanding perhaps…  but also hugely powerful….  and with an excellent collection of IAP plugins  – PSP’s offerings included – for those that want to really dig deep.

Auria Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Well, purchased it all already when not on sale.
      Not using Auria much though, perhaps because I’m Cubase, Logic Pro and Reason user on my Mac.
      Somehow, I could never get into Auria, Cubasis and GB is are my go to apps on iOS.
      Great bargain though.

    2. It took me a long time to warm to Auria, but after upgrading to Pro nearly a year ago, I have to say I now love it more and more every time I use it. Solid tool.

      Wasn’t sure about the PSP plugins because I have so many other IAA apps that do similar things, but I gambled on the PSP Microwarmer and Echo, and now hear the difference. Not sure if I’ll get any more now, but eyeing Old Timer too.

    3. i purchased Auria pro a short time ago and i am very very disappointed. It don t even has loop recording
      like every other Daw has. Very bad App for this amount of money. I ll change to cubasis 2 .

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