Inter App Audio video demo using Auria, AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub

Download from iTunes App Storeauria logo v2As I posted recently, WaveMachine Labs were quick off the mark to add support for Inter App Audio to Auria, their excellent iOS DAW app. While IAA support is still something of a rarity at present, I’m sure the majority of major iOS music app developers are going to get onboard with this protocol as soon as they can.

The advantage of IAA really comes home when used with effects apps like AUFX:Space or AUFX:Dub as, within some limits (mainly that you can only have one instance of any app only at one time), it brings something quite close to the way VST plugins work on the desktop environment over to iOS.

As a simple illustration of what’s possible with IAA, the video below shows the technology being used within Auria to enable both AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub to be used as effects within Auria. As shown in the video, given how WaveMachineLabs have implemented IAA support within Auria, it is possible to configure such IAA-ready effects apps as either insert effects or as send-return (aux) effects. For things like reverb or delay, the latter arrangement is obviously very useful as it allows multiple audio tracks to ‘share’ a single instance of the effect.

Let’s hope that IAA makes its way into as many of the popular iOS music apps sooner rather than later as this technology is a big step forward when it comes to using third party effects within your favourite DAW.

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    1. IAA can really be a killer feature BUT there is a BIG limitation: you can only add a one instance of the effect… so i can use only one effect for all the song. I hope some improvments in the future but i think limitation is in th iOS, because the system allows to execute only one instance of the same app.

      • yep – as I mentioned in the piece, just one instance of any app and I think you are correct about this being an OS limitation. I guess that’s something we will have to live with. Maybe the more positive way of looking at IAA is to ask whether you would rather have that one instance of your effect app available or none? VST it is not but it is still a big step forward I guess.


    2. Jayson Vein says:

      Can you guys elaborate on this one effect for all songs? Or give me some other senerios that this would play out in. I’m a bit ignorant on it all. Unless it’s audiobus, I don’t get it. ;)


      O ya, John, I know I’ve said it a few times, and others say it as well. But, you have an amazing blog, and write easy to understand and very informative reviews. Thank you, and don’t ever stop! ;)

      So, how many readers do you get on an average day? Just curious. Ever think of adding a Forum?

    3. Will Simpson says:

      Regarding the “one instance” limitation, it means that you can’t use one reverb setting on one track (say, a small room on a vocal) at the same time as a different setting on another track (such as a large hall for a pad type sound). Using the aux sends you can apply varying amounts of the same reverb setting to several tracks, which is useful for general mixing, but it prevents more creative mix/sound design possibilities that are possible when using desktop solutions.

      Hope this is helpful!

      Also: kudos on the blog; as a recent iPad owner (finally!), I’ve been doing a lot of browsing iOS music blogs, and this is the best written, most well informed one I’ve found. Also, nice to hear an fellow English accent! ;)

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