AUM update – Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant iOS music app gets new features

Download from iTunes App StoreAUM logo 1There are some developers that qualify for almost universal hero worship amongst the iOS music making community and Jonatan Liljedahl is one of those. So, whether it is the ubiquitous utility app AudioShare, the truly inspiring (and sometimes mind bending) electronic rhythm/groove app Sector, or the minimalist audio effects of the AUFX series, Jonatan creates brilliant apps that almost any iOS musician would want to own.

And, with perhaps his flagship iOS music app – AUM – he did it again; AUM is a brilliant piece of software with with sophisticated mixer features allowing you to combine multiple apps into a music making workflow and support for Audiobus, IAA and AU apps. Until the appearance of Audiobus 3 (which added basic audio mixing and sophisticated MIDI routing options to that platform), AUM was the stand-out ‘audio mixer in an app’ for iOS. It might not adopt the conventional graphics of a ‘real hardware’ look, but it certainly offers the audio routing typical of a decent hardware mixer.

AUM gets an update – v.1.2 has arrived on the App Store :-)

AUM first appeared in February 2016. Since than, there has only been a single update back in March 2016 (v.1.1; this added new features but, if it wasn’t broken, Jonatan didn’t subsequently try to fix it; AUM just worked)….  until today….  when v.1.2 has appeared on the App Store.

As with v.1.1, this is a pretty significant update. Yes, there are some fixes that address various details, but there are also new features and refinements to accommodate changes elsewhere in the iOS music technology universe. In terms of fixes, examples include tweaks to the node bypass system, iPhone layout refinements and improvements to the solo status for busses.

New features include the option for setting min/max values when mapping to MIDI control parameters, enhanced Audiobus support for AB3, transpose settings for hosted IAA and AU synths, a change to the DSP display to show peak rather than average values, options for keyboard entry of values and IAA output ports are now handled differently which (apparently) improves the MIDI handling also.

AUM offers audio busses allowing you to replicate the kinds of audio routing associated with sophisticated hardware audio mixers.

Anyway, at UK£18.99/US$19.99, this is not the cheapest iOS utility app you might ever buy for your music workflow but it is certainly one of the most useful and powerful. If you like to combine lots of apps together, rather like Audiobus, AUM is a very powerful tool. The app requires iOS9.0 or later, is a 6.3MB download and is universal.

If you want to find out more, then read the original full AUM review here (and the AB3 review which compares AB3 and AUM in terms of functionality), check out the video below and then hit the download button to read more on the App Store. And while you are there, check out Sector – Jonatan’s equally brilliant loop mangler/rhythmic magic app – as it’s an often overlooked masterpiece (and here’s hoping it also has an update coming soon).

AUM – Audio Mixer

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Indeed, AUM has become indispensable. A polished product, which does what it says on the tin…and then some. Just about the only trick missing is State Saving. Maybe if AUM and AudioBus were to have a digital baby….

    2. Very true,
      in my opinion it’s almost mandatory for us iOS musicians to get behind Jonatan and the Audiobus team as well. Their contribution in developing infrastructure applications that are almost necessity for us should never be forgotten. Some of it that should have been taken care of by the OS developer (but in hindsight, that might have been blessing in disguise). I can only think with exhaustion about the boring and difficult processes facing users if we would not have their solutions.
      Well done and thanks,

    3. Paulinko says:

      The implementation of AU app hosting in AUM is one of the best as you can frequently access MIDI controllable AU app parameters via editing the channel and routing MIDI to AUM’s MIDI Control in port whereas other AU host apps can’t. You can often acccess presets for AU apps that aren’t available in other AU host apps. The ability to automate all sorts of mixing and bus controls in AUM is unparalleled which has even more flexibility in the update by setting ranges. Being able to use AUM as an IAA instrument is very useful for routing MIDI from Audiobus 3 into AUM.

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