AUM and Sector sale – price reductions on Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant iOS music apps

Download from iTunes App StoreAUM logo 1As I posted yesterday, Jonatan Liljedahl’s essential iOS music utility app – AudioShare – is currently on sale. There are some developers that qualify for almost universal hero worship amongst the iOS music making community and Jonatan is one of those. So, it is the ubiquitous utility app AudioShare, the truly inspiring (and sometimes mind bending) electronic rhythm/groove app Sector, or the minimalist audio effects of the AUFX series, Jonatan creates brilliant apps that almost any iOS musician would want to own.

And, with his most recent iOS music app – AUM – he did it again; AUM is quite a piece of work….  a kind of Audiobus on steroids with sophisticated mixer features and support for Audiobus, IAA and AU apps.

AUM - a potential game changer for the iOS musician?

AUM – a potential game changer for the iOS musician?

I first reviewed Jonatan Liljedahl’s Sector when it was first released back in February 2014 and I was hugely impressed by what it can offer. This iOS music app is a bit of a difficult app to classify and describe but, in essence, it takes an audio loop, slices it (into ‘sectors’) and then allows you to reassemble and manipulate those sectors (slices) in various ingenious ways.

If you are the kind of person that either likes to mangle their audio loops or who just wants to extract the absolute creative maximum from every audio loop in your collection – Sector is going to be right up your street. Sector is absolutely one of my favourite iOS music apps and I think it perhaps hasn’t got quite the high profile it deserves amongst the general iOS music making community. This is an iOS app that I regularly hook up to my desktop system from my iPad but, if Jonatan ever gets around to developing a VST or AU version of the software for use on the desktop then I would buy it in a flash (even at a desktop software price).

Sector - just how many ways can you revitalise those old drum loops in your collection? Just brilliant...

Sector – just how many ways can you revitalise those old drum loops in your collection? Just brilliant…

Anyway, both of these brilliant apps are currently on offer at reduced pricing. AUM is a universal app and, while usually set at UK£13.99/US$18.99, you can currently pick up a copy for UK£11.99/US$14.99. You can read the full AUM review here….  Sector is, once you dig in a little, both powerful and creative. Personally, at just UK£6.99, which was the original full price, I think this is top-notch stuff. However, the app is sitting at UK£4.99/US$6.99.

I’m not sure if these are permanent shifts in the pricing or just a limited-time reduction over the Halloween period alongside all the other ‘seasonal’ sales that are going on….  but, even at twice the price, this is a bit of a bargain….  Oh, and I think the AUFX series of apps also also now ‘price reduced’….  if you don’t already own any of them, then check out those also :-)

AUM – Audio Mixer

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. Jonatan’s Apps are essential I reckon ;-) AUM is the best App for music on the iPad. Map a controller and you got yourself a custom mixer that eclipses all!

      • Hi Holotropik…. agreed…. Jonatan has some ‘classics’ here…. I’m a massive fan of Sector and I REALLY would love to see it – alongside Patterning – as a desktop plugin :-) best wishes, John

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