AUFX:Space updated – adds inter-app audio support

Download from iTunes App StoreAUFX Space logoKymatica have released an update to the excellent AUFX:Space on the iTunes App Store today. The headline addition to the app is the introduction of inter-app audio support. It’s great to see developers being so quick off the mark to get this new iOS7 audio protocol into their music apps and, while we are still waiting for the mainstream DAW apps – Auria and Cubasis, for example – to integrate the technology, the potential for IAA looks considerable.

In exchanging a few emails today with Jonatan Liljedahl – the brains behind Kymatica – about the new update, aside from commenting that there is also a similar update for AUFX:Dub currently going through the iTunes processing, he made some very encouraging comments about what IAA might bring when it comes to using 3rd party effects apps within a suitable DAW host. Essentially, if the host can implement it, it ought – in principle at least – to be possible for such 3rd party effects apps to appear as either channel insert effects or as send effects within the DAW. If that’s the case, it is certainly one step closer to a VST plug-in type system for iOS. Fingers crossed….

Read my original review of the AUFX:Space music app for the background on what this dedicated reverb app can do. It is an excellent app with a very clean, simple user interface. Let’s hope Kymatica can keep the development work going forward on this and on other apps in the AUFX series.


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