AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub updates

aufxdub logoAUFX Space logoAs regular readers will be aware, I’m a big fan of Jonatan’s Liljedahl’s AUFX series of iOS audio effects apps. Two of this series – AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub – have been updated today.

AUFX:Space – a reverb effect – has reached v.1.2 and, aside for some minor bug fixes, there are also some additional things worth noted. For example, the IAA panel has been tweaked and there are now a number of additional presets included (always welcome). However, the main addition is the Swirl parameter that has been added and allows you to create a chorus-like affect in your reverb treatments. This is actually quite effective and a nice addition to the app.

The delay effect AUFX:Dub is now also at v.1.2. Again there are a number of new presets added. New features include on/off switches for the high cut and low cut filters while a hard/soft clip option has been added to the tape noise simulation. In addition, the warble option gets a toggle switch to move between sine and random LFO modes.

All the AUFX series apps (including AUFX:PeakQ) are worth having in your iOS audio effects collection and it’s great to see Jonatan continuing to refine the control set of them. And, at UK£2.49 each, they remain a bargain.


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    1. They are brilliant FX units. Cannot even get into a discussion about the value of them. I have not heard anything on a Desktop that works quite the way they do either, very unique…

      The Dub effect is really good at managing some of the crazy gain things that can happen, smooths things out intelligently so you don’t have to worry about destroying your speakers for the most part…

    2. +1 from me too, these are excellent and worth every penny!

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