AudioShare update – iOS audio document manager gets new iOS9 features

Download from iTunes App StoreAudioShare logoJonatan Liljedahl will be well know to almost every iOS musician through his AUFX series audio effects apps and his AudioShare utility app. I’ve never got around to doing a full review of AudioShare here on the blog, but it is the kind of tool that an iOS musician doesn’t realises how useful it is to have around until they have actually got it around :-)

As the app’s full title suggests – ‘AudioShare – audio document manager’ – the app provides a way of organising your various audio files up your iOS device. Given that Apple do not, as yet, make it easy to access the various files associated with one app when using a second app, AudioShare’s key function is in allowing you to easily move audio files between your different iOS music apps without needing to always resort to iTunes File Sharing; providing the developers of the apps concerned have added support for AudioShare (and lots of the more popular iOS music apps do support this), then AudioShare can be used to easy move files (MIDI files included) around your iDevice.

AudioShare - the kind of audio utility app that is well worth a place in almost any iOS musician's app collection.

AudioShare – the kind of audio utility app that is well worth a place in almost any iOS musician’s app collection.

That’s not all it can do though; the app also includes a recording option and can act as an IAA host if you want to record, for example, through some IAA-compatible audio effects apps.

Anyway, the app has been updated today – taking the app to v.2.7.3 – and this release adds a couple of related features. First there is now support for the slide-over and split-screen features that were introduced with iOS9. That will be particularly useful with an app like AudioShare where the whole reason for the app is to move data between multiple apps. Second, the app now has native support for the larger iPad Pro screen (and looks good on my iPad Pro test system). There are also some minor tweaks/bugs that have been addressed.

At UK£3.99, AudioShare will not break the bank but it is the kind of useful utility app that some iOS musicians will simply use every single day and it will make their workflow much smoother. If you tend to work within a single app (for example, a host DAW/sequencer) and record all your audio via that route, then perhaps it is a less essential purchase… but, as with a number of other iOS music utility apps, AudioShare is a brilliant time-saver even if only used occasionally. Well worth a place on almost any iOS musician’s iPad or iPhone.



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    1. If you make music on yer pad, and you don’t have this app. Well, missing out would be an understatement. And at this price, it’s deff. a crime not to have it. ;)

    2. It’s a great tool. Thanks to its loop option when playing back a sample, it’s also useful as an “input” in an Audiobus pipeline.

    3. Indispensable! Stable, intuitive, inexpensive.
      Wonder App! Many thanks to its developer.

    4. Holotropik says:

      Yes, it is a keystone App for music making on the iPad. Huge thank you to the dev on this one ;-)

    5. My favourite iOS DAW…lol…but I am just barely, barely kidding. It IS still the most stable IAA recording host. It DOES allow you to record sound on sound. It ALWAYS works. It doesn’t claim to be a Mastering App but it does allow you to instantiate good quality plugins, adjust on the fly, and um, actually trim and fade the result…yes, that is part of mastering.

      Never mind iOS, this is the best Audio tool in the known Universe.

    6. Charles Telerant says:

      I have one more day to return my Ipad PRO to get full credit in which case I would just get a laptop, so this was a timely piece since I’m a noob.. … am trying to gain some firm ground what with darting between “link”, ” IAAP and now this audioshare update. Nice… Just seems to be a cosmic nod to stick with my Beathawk, Auria PRO and IOS…I think I have enough on my plate here..Thanks again Jonathan for your great work for the IOS community.
      I was begining to think IOS was more of a noggle than a full out DAW but the way things are going, it stands to reason than within perhaps a year, two at the most, IOS will have sort of direct filing system…It’s happening it seems as I write.

      • Charles…. I think you are pretty much spot on in terms of where you have placed iOS systems compared to the desktop/laptop. There are other reasons why a user might pick one platform over the other but, in terms of power/computing resources, iOS is catching up quite fast even if it is not ‘there’ just yet…. Good luck with your music-making…. Best wishes, John

    7. John, you ***have*** to do a review of this app – it is a “must have”.

      Newbies to iOS music apps might not have heard of AudioShare and might not be aware of how useful this thing is.

      As a major voice in iOS music it is your civic duty!!! :-)

    8. Audioshare is the keystone of my ios musical life. It does storage, recording, IAA dsp chaining, and basic manipulation such as normalizing and loop start/stop/feadein/fadeout. It’s the go-to app for grabbing a quick ambient recording on the phone, really fast. The one feature I’d like to see is the ability to sequence audio files and play them all back end to end. You know, like we did back in the 1/4-inch tape splicing days…

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