AudioShare update – iOS audio document manager gets new features

Download from iTunes App StoreAudioShare logoJonatan Liljedahl will be well know to almost every iOS musician through his AUFX series audio effects apps and his AudioShare utility app. I’ve never got around to doing a full review of AudioShare here on the blog, but it is the kind of tool that an iOS musician doesn’t realises how useful it is to have around until they have actually got it around :-)

As the app’s full title suggests – ‘AudioShare – audio document manager’ – the app provides a way of organising your various audio files up your iOS device. Given that Apple do not, as yet, make it easy to access the various files associated with one app when using a second app, AudioShare’s key function is in allowing you to easily move audio files between your different iOS music apps without needing to always resort to iTunes File Sharing; providing the developers of the apps concerned have added support for AudioShare (and lots of the more popular iOS music apps do support this), then AudioShare can be used to easy move files (MIDI files included) around your iDevice.

AudioShare - the kind of audio utility app that is well worth a place in almost any iOS musician's app collection.

AudioShare – the kind of audio utility app that is well worth a place in almost any iOS musician’s app collection.

That’s not all it can do though; the app also includes a recording option and can act as an IAA host if you want to record , for example, through some IAA-compatible audio effects apps.

Anyway, the update – which takes the app to v.2.7.2 – adds a number of new features as well as some tweaks and bugfixes. For example, the app now allows recording at 48kHz and 96kHz sample rates for those that need these formats. The export process of large files to Dropbox has also been improved and a bug with the VU meter display has been addressed. However, perhaps most welcome will be updates for smoother operation under iOS9 and an update to the Audiobus SDK.

At UK£3.99, AudioShare will not break the bank but it is the kind of useful utility app that some iOS musicians will simply use every single day and it will make their workflow much smoother. If you tend to work within a single app (for example, a host DAW/sequencer) and record all your audio via that route, then perhaps it is a less essential purchase… but, as with a number of other iOS music utility apps, AudioShare is a brilliant time-saver even if only used occasionally. Well worth a place on almost any iOS musician’s iPad or iPhone.



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    1. Brilliant app and nice updates. It’s a shame that they had to remove the built-in web browser, that was my favorite part of the app. Anyway the update is running smooth on iOS9 now.

    2. Great app from a brilliant developer. Is there any reason why it’s not possible to copy/paste 24bit recordings? Also is there a function to bulk convert 24bit samples to 16bit?


    3. Hey Conor: audio copy/paste is 16bit, no options. That’s why the “open in” function is crucial, it can retain the bit-depth, well at least at 24, not sure about higher rates. And yes, AudioShare can down convert from 24 to 16 bit.

    4. One of the few apps you really can call a “must have app”.

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