AudioReverb update and on sale – VirSyn update their iOS reverb effects app

Download from iTunes App Storeaudioreverb logoIf you have a mobile recording setup build around an iPad then you are probably already aware of VirSyn’s excellent iOS reverb effect app AudioReverb. I reviewed AudioReverb when it was originally released. It provides an excellent range of reverb treatments and, at UK£6.99, is very modestly priced considering the results that can be obtained.

The app originally shipped with an excellent range of reverb presets organised into different virtual spaces – halls, rooms, chambers, etc. – that make it very easy to find a suitable starting point that can then be tweaked via the various controls offered. However, as the app also included Audiobus support, it was easy to use with iOS DAW apps such as Cubasis or Auria as a reverb effect within your recording projects. I’ve given examples of using effects such as AudioReverb as a send-type effect via Audiobus through tutorials with both Auria and Cubasis here and here respectively.

AudioReverb now supports inter app audio - and seems to work well with Auria.

AudioReverb now supports inter app audio – and seems to work well with Auria.

VirSyn have now released the first update to AudioReverb and this brings the most welcome addition of inter app audio (IAA) support. While Cubasis doesn’t yet support IAA (it is, however, scheduled for the next update I believe), Auria does and this means that AudioReverb can now be used as an effect within an Auria project without the Audiobus-style workaround mentioned above. Having given this a quick spin today, it works very smoothly and the IAA panel within AudioReverb makes it easy to control playback in Auria while tweaking your reverb effect.

AudioReverb is good value even at its full UK£6.99 but, for a short while to celebrate the launch of the update, VirSyn are offering it at UK£2.99. If you want a bargain, now’s the time to grab it. Highly recommended.


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