Audiobus 3 updated – Audiobus Remote support now added to Audiobus 3

Download from iTunes App StoreI posted a full review of Audiobus 3 when it was released at the beginning of April. As promised by the Audiobus team, the new version had three new headline features. First, the app provides MIDI routing between compatible apps, making it easier to configure your overall arrangement of apps within a specific Audiobus project.

Second, Audiobus 3 supports Audio Unit plugins as well as Audiobus and IAA compatible apps. This is obviously an important development given that AU is now making considerable progress under iOS and, for some iOS musicians, is perhaps meaning that an app such as Audiobus might be less critical in their workflow. Adding AU support means that you can get the best of both worlds within Audiobus; it’s proven app connectivity features and access to all the new AU apps.

Third, Audiobus 3 includes an input mixer allowing you to balance volumes of all your audio sources. Again, this is a very useful addition, particularly for those using Audiobus within a performance context and running multiple apps; it makes it much easier to control the balance of their various audio outputs from a single, convenient, screen.

Audiobus 3 now brings Audiobus Remote support…..

The combination of these new features, alongside the inter-app audio connectivity that Audiobus already provides, plus the fact that all your project configurations will be saved for instant recall, will, of course, allow Audiobus 3 to perform a much more comprehensive role as an ‘music app hub’ than the previous version.

…. which is great if you have a second iOS device for ‘remote’ control of your various Audiobus apps all from a single screen.

Anyway, the further update to the app has now appeared on the App Store – v.3.0.4 – and this brings a bunch of minor bug fixes as well as – tadah! – full support for Audiobus Remote. This will be a welcome return for the dedicated Audiobus users amongst the iOS community and for whom Audiobus Remote had become a very convenient addition to their multi-app workflows.

Having given AB3 a quick spin this afternoon, things seem to be working smoothly….  and a number of the routine fixes should bring more stable and efficient operation overall. Obviously, Audiobus Remote itself has also received an update – to v.1.2 – and that can also be downloaded from the App Store as a free update for existing users. While the demo session shown in the screenshots here is a pretty simple one, even just being able to control the transport of a few drum apps and Cubasis, it is pretty cool…  and very useful.

Audiobus 3 requires iOS10.2 or later, is universal, a 49MB download and is priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99. There are no IAPs to purchase; all features are included in the base price of the app. Feel free to read the full Audiobus 3 review, check out the launch videos below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more :-)

Audiobus 3

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. The problem with AB remote was and is that so few developers implemented it.

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