Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – further updates to new iOS DAW/sequencer

Download from iTunes App StoreIf you look at the desktop marketplace, the world is not short of DAW/sequencer options. And, if the likes of, for example, CubasisGarageBand or Auria Pro don’t float your particular boat, as I posted a few weeks ago, there is now a further option for you to consider; Audio Evolution Mobile Studio.

As I discussed in the full review, I was impressed with the basic concept, the conventional design approach (which makes for a modest learning curve) and the sensible core feature selection. The ‘free + IAP’ pricing model is also one that will undoubtedly attract some iOS musicians as it does allow an element of try before you buy.

New DAW to open? Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is now available for iOS….

Perhaps my major reservation was in the support for 3rd party IAA and AU apps, although the problems were predominantly with IAA apps seeming to loose their connectivity with AEMS. Developer Davy Wentzler was honest enough to front up and popped by the blog to leave a comment about the issue on the review posting which is always a good thing to see. However, he was obviously also very busy trying to sort the issue out and, since I posted the review, a number of updates have appeared that have addressed these initial teething issues.

Anyway, a further update – v.1.1.1 – appeared on the App Store late yesterday. This brings a number of further refinements. For example, the Vocal Tune plugin has had its algorithm improved. In addition, zooming behaviour is now stored with a project when saving. Various tweaks have also been made to improve the handling of sample loops when pitch and tempo shifting them. Further tweaks have also been made to the IAA support.

The Mixer within AEMS provides a fairly conventional take on software mixing with basic EQ and other standard features included.

Davy seems to be rapidly working his way through fine-tuning this initial iOS release and the app is shaping up nicely. It’s great to see a developer who is so responsive. As mentioned already, the approach, feature set and conventional mode of operation make the AEMS learning curve pretty modest for any user with previous DAW/sequencer experience. I like the basic approach, the conventional design/UI elements and, a few quirks aside, would suggest this is a pretty easy bit of software to get started with.

I really should update my ‘iOS DAW/sequencer roundup‘ article to include AEMS…  and with Korg’s Gadget about to add audio recording – and therefore become a DAW as well as a sequencer – that’s also worth considering. Anyway, as an alternative to the obvious DAW/sequencer competition, AEMS is certainly worth exploring.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Thank you for your article like always super interesting and thank you to the developer. Indeed the free + iap model is great for a daw. The price is so low for what it does, when compared with the other ones. I spent a lot of money on Cubasis and Auria, buying the IAP, then I thought : why do i need so costly apps when I’m not a professional musician and just want to have fun playing and recording a synth and a beatbox. When I installed Auria Pro, my joy disapeared lost in the knobs, which are probably helpful for a professional but not for a “kitchen music maker” like me. Therefore I love seeing devs developing less costly apps i can try before deciding if the sounds i do on synths are worth them! Marc

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