M/S Proc and iConvolver updates – processing apps for iOS from ART Teknika get some tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreMC proc logo 1I posted reviews of ART Teknika’s convolution reverb app iConvolver and mid-side processor M/S Proc – around a year ago when both were first released. I was suitably impressed with both apps. They did a good job and the user-interfaces are simple to use. Both apps were also sensibly priced and, while there is plenty of competition in terms of convolution reverbs, we do perhaps have fewer options when it comes to mid/side processing….  although that, itself, it perhaps something of a more specialised requirement anyway.

Both apps shipped with universal support and could be used standalone, via Audiobus or via IAA, although AU support was not on the feature list. Both were also modestly sized. Anyway, 12 months down the line, both apps have received their first update since launch with the respective v.1.0.1 versions arriving on the App Store today.

M/S Proc – if you want to explore mid-side processing under iOS, Art Teknika have you covered….

There is still no AU support (that would be nice to see at some stage) but I suspect the changes that have been made – which are technical rather than anything to do with new features – may well be iOS11 related as they focus on changes in how the ‘Open In’ system works. This might well be linked to Apple’s changes in iOS itself in terms of file handling between application….?

iConvolver is not our only choice when it comes to convolution reverbs…. but it does a solid job and sounds very good.

Anyway, having given both apps a quick spin within Cubasis this morning on my iPad Pro under iOS11, all seems to be working well. Both apps work in a straightforward fashion and do a good job in their respective roles. Those who did take the plunge originally will be glad to se the maintenance update….  but I suspect to get many new users interested, AU support might well have to be forthcoming.

That said, I’m not sure you would want to run multiple instances of many IR reverbs in a single project (too CPU heavy?) and mid/side is a specialist niche processing option for most folks (even on the desktop) so maybe the lack of multiple instances is not such a big deal? The apps are currently priced at UK£7.99/US$7.99 and UK£5.99/US$5.99 respectively. For a full run down on both apps, check out the original iConvolver and M/S Proc reviews and then hit the App Store download buttons to find out more.

M/S Proc – Mid/Side Level & EQ

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iConvolver – Impulse Response Reverb

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