Arpeggist SALE – VirSyn add their dedicated MIDI arpeggio app to the current sale offers

Download from iTunes App Storearpeggist logoAs I posted a week or so ago, a number of the rather excellent iOS music apps from VirSyn are currently on a pretty significant sale. This includes VirSyn’s iOS mega-synth app Tera Synth alongside apps such as microTERA (a waveshapping synth and currently 50% off), Harmony Voice (pitch shifter and automatic harmony generation; also 50% off) and Addictive Synth (50% off).

Some of these apps feature a very well featured arpeggiator function and VirSyn’s latest release was Arpeggist, an app that takes those rather good arpeggio functions and presents them as a stand-alone app that you can use to drive any MIDI-based synth. As I posted in my review of Arpeggist, it really is a lot of fun to use and offers all sorts of creative options without being too difficult to find your way around.

Arpeggist - dedicated arpeggiator app from VirSyn.

Arpeggist – dedicated arpeggiator app from VirSyn.


VirSyn’s arpeggiator function has always been a very nice arp feature within their various synths and seeing it now as a separate app is most welcome. If you like a bit of arp action, then Arpeggist is also ‘on sale’ – the current price is just UK£3.99 – 50% off the usual price, so grab a copy while you can….   and do check out their other apps while the current sale lasts…. :-)


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    1. Hi John,
      I’ve picked up all the other VirSyn apps over the last few months when they’ve been on sale, but I haven’t spent much time with them yet. I’m wondering if this app just pulls out functionality that I can find in some of the others or does it have some qualities, like midi control of other apps, that I won’t find in other VirSyn apps already. Is this app more for those who do not have many VirSyn apps?

      Thanks for your reviews. I check them out every day.

      • Hi Andy, thanks for the kind words…. To answer your question, Arpeggist is very like the arpeggiator function in a number of other VirSyn apps but, as it is a standalone app, you can use it to drive any iOS synth app…. so, if you like the VirSyn arpeggiator in you VirSyn apps, with Arpeggist, you can now use the same arp features with a Thor or Nave or iM1, etc…. Hope that helps a little? best wishes, John

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