Arpeggist launched – VirSyn add a dedicated MIDI arpeggio arp to their iOS music app catalog

Download from iTunes App Storearpeggist logoAs I posted a few days ago, a number of the rather excellent iOS music apps from VirSyn are currently on a pretty significant sale. This includes VirSyn’s iOS mega-synth app Tera Synth alongside apps such as microTERA (a waveshapping synth and currently 50% off), Harmony Voice (pitch shifter and automatic harmony generation; also 50% off) and Addictive Synth (50% off).

Some of these app features a very well featured arpeggiator function. It might not be in quite the same class as Sugar Bytes Thesys in terms of features but then neither does it come with a particularly steep learning cure and it is certainly more sophisticated than the ‘up/down’ variety of arp you see as a bit of a token effort on some software synths.

Arpeggist - dedicated arpeggiator app from VirSyn.

Arpeggist – dedicated arpeggiator app from VirSyn.

VirSyn have now done something both obvious but also quite clever…  they have taken the mechanics of the arpeggiator found within their various synths and released it as a separate MIDI app. You therefore get a sophisticated 32-step programmable sequence that can trigger single notes or chords and use it to control any MIDI-based synth in your collection.

Audiobus and IAA support are included from the off and there is comprehensive support for MIDI in/out. The app also has a set of preset patterns and preset scales to keep everything in key.

Anyway, this has always been a very nice arp feature within their various synths and seeing it now as a separate app is most welcome. If you like a bit of arp action, then Arpeggist is also ‘on sale’ – the launch price is just UK£3.99 – so grab a copy while you can….   Full review to follow when I’ve dug in a bit further…


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    1. Patrick says:

      Great to see a new app by VirSyn. Just wondering if Arpeggist has any key feature StepPolyArp has not. The two of them seem to be astonishing similar on first view. Maybe a little comparison could be part of the review?

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