Arpeggionome Pro update – iOS arpeggio tool from Alexandernaut gets Ableton Link support

Download from iTunes App Storearpeggionome pro logoArpeggionome Pro has been around on the iTunes App Store for quite some time (v.1 was released in December 2012) and I finally got around to a full review of the app in September 2014 (my bad!). As regular readers here will know, my keyboard playing sucks (also my bad) so I’m quite fond of the occasional helping hand that an arpeggiator function can provide.

We have lots of synths with dedicated arp functions and also a couple of stand-alone arpeggiator apps (Arpeggist from VirSyn for example) and there really are some very creative tools amongst them, each with a slightly different take on the feature. As I outlined in the original full review, Arpeggionome Pro is great fun to use and provides it’s own unique – and, despite the somewhat busy main screen, very easy to use – take on creating arpeggios.

Arpeggionome Pro gets its first update in over 2 years….

At a technical level, the app is an 12MB download, and requiring iOS8.0 or later, it ought to be able to find a home even on a crowded iPad system. It includes it’s own internal synth engine but the most fun is to be had by sending its MIDI data out to one of your favourite iOS synth apps. Audiobus and IAA support are also included.

Anyway, while the app has continued to work well since my review in late 2014, until today, that remained the most recent update; regular users might have therefore begun to wonder whether the app was going to gather dust. However, today sees v.1.3.o arrive on the App Store and this brings both technical updates and some impressive new features.

The new Ableton Link support seems to work very well…..

There are, of course, a range of bug fixes applied in the update (including a significant one for the MIDI Clock support) but the highlights are the inclusion of Ableton Link, the fact that the app now supports 64-bit hardware and, ready for next week, Audiobus 3 support (and, specifically, for the MIDI features to be included in Audiobus 3). Having given the Link support a run out, it seems to work very well and I had no problems locking Arpeggionome Pro with Patterning while sending the arp note data out to Layr….  and it all sounded very cool. When sync’ed to tempo, the tempo is shown underneath the Tempo knob (located top-right of the main screen) and you can tweak this in real-time if you want with things seeming to stay well locked. You do have to pay attention to with ‘row’ of Arpeggionome Pro’s buttons you use though as these are also tempo-based…..

If you fathom out the new Alternative Interaction Settings mode then please feel free to explain it to me via the comments section below….. :-)

On the creative front, dotted note support is also now included and there is a new ‘alternative’ interaction setting which changes the way the button grid on the main screen behaves. I’ve only had a brief chance to play with this new feature as yet….  so, no, I’m not sure quite what this means either….  but Arpeggionome Pro remains just as easy to use even if, on occasions, you are in for a wild, note-filled, ride :-)

Arpeggionome Pro is currently priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99; cheaper than a single keyboard lesson and takes less time to get started with than the most basic of a five-finger exercises. Perhaps not one for the singer-songwriter types but, if you like your music electronic and sequenced, then I think you will enjoy Arpeggionome Pro a lot. Instantly fun but also quite deep…. Anyway, check out the original review, watch the brief demo video below, and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.

Arpeggionome Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. I was curious whether the iPhone variant of Arpeggionome (which is separate from the iPad version – it’s not a universal app) would receive the same, or similar, updates, so I contacted Alexander (the developer) to ask. He was quick to come back to me, and replied that he was planning “a similar update” for the iPhone version “for sure”, and “before iOS11” – I’ll settle happily for that :-)

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