Arctic ProSynth update – One Red Dog Media add iOS10 support to their excellent synth app

Download from iTunes App Storearctic prosynth logoI reviewed Arctic ProSynth from One Red Dog Media when it was first released and I was impressed by the combination of powerful, aggressive analog synth sounds and the balance struck between the degree of editing control offered and the ease with which that editing could be accessed.

One Red Dog kept regular updates coming for the app for quite a while, with a combination of new features and technical improvements to build on the original release. These were always good to see but the basic concept hasn’t changed and this is still a great sounding synth. However, the most recent update was v1.5.2 that arrived back in September 2105 (a long time ago in iOS music technology terms) and provided support for iOS9. Indeed, I’d begun to wonder whether the app might have becomes lost to us….

Arctic ProSynth - easy to program and sounds great.

Arctic ProSynth – easy to program and sounds great.

However, I was pleasantly surprise today to see a further update for the app (and the more compact sibling Arctic Keys) with v.1.6.0 arriving on the App Store. I don’t think there are any major feature changes introduced but, as the App Store blurb suggests, this is simply to ensure compatibility with iOS10. That’s good to see though….  this is a really nice synth and, having given it a quick spin on my iOS10 equipped iPad Pro test system this afternoon, it’s great to see it get some TLC to keep things running smoothly.

There are lots of brilliant iOS synth apps available, each with their own synth engine and sound and, equally, at a spread of prices to appeal almost everyone. I think Arctic ProSynth strikes an excellent balance between the fabulous sounds it can make (big, bold and in-your-face), the ease with which users can learn to program it and it’s price. In addition, the interface is very well organised/structured and the controls big and chunky enough (and so easy to use) so that it is not a chore to experiment with.

The step sequencer provides some useful additional options, either for creating note patterns or for modulating synth parameters (or both).

In short, if you are looking for a first ‘serious’ iOS synth but are not sure you want to go off right into the deep end, then Arctic ProSynth is a very good choice. And, with it’s current UK£9.99/US$9.99 price tag, it represents excellent value for money. If you are in the market for a no-nonsense, easy to program, but also great sounding synth, then Arctic ProSynth is well worth a look.

Arctic ProSynth

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. In the new version Arctic ProSynth doesn’t work arp and seq. Only me is this happening?

    2. The 1.6.0 update crush o. Start on my iPad Pro. Any advise?

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