Apps update for Audiobus 3 – flurry of iOS music app updates arrive

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I posted yesterday, Audiobus 3 is now with us. We had, of course, known is was coming for a little while and a number of popular iOs music apps had already received updates over the last week weeks stating that they were ‘Audiobus 3 ready’. These included Cubasis, Chordion, Triqtraq, AC Sabre and Fugue Machine, for example. And, while most of my favourite iOS music apps that I’ve had a chance to try with Audiobus 3 so far seem to work without problems, we are obviously going to see a lot of update activity as developers ensure full compatibility with the new Audiobus 3 release.

So, it’s perhaps no surprise that, as well as Audiobus itself, yesterday also saw a flurry of iOS music apps updates where Audiobus 3 support was perhaps the key change. There are perhaps too many for me to keep up with individual posts…  but I’ll at least get the ball rolling by giving some a mention here….

Audiobus 3 – now available so I’m sure we will see a rush of other app updates to provide full AB3 support.

midiSteps and midiLFOs – both from developer Arthur Kerns – have been updated to include Audiobus 3 support including State Saving and multi-channel MIDI. Moog Music’s Filtatron and the wonderful Animoog also gets AB3 support with MIDI routing. Classic virtual drum machine app FunkBox from Synthetic Bits has also had the AB3 treatment including State Saving but also gets some iOS10 tweaks and Ableton Link support (great to see). And if you like the occasional bit of arpeggiator action, it’s good to see Laurent Colson’s StepPolyArp get fill MIDI support for Audiobus 3.

Audanika have updated SoundPrism Electro to include Audiobus 3 support. Alexander Gross’ Music Studio DAW/sequencer app also get Audiobus 3 support alongside some more routine tweaks. Oh, and Loopy HD is now also ready to rock with Audiobus 3 :-) It’s also worth noting that Audiobus 2 has also been updated, although I think this is simply to clarify the app’s new full ‘v.2.’ name.

There are already a good crop of iOS music apps that can make use of the new MIDI options within Audiobus 3….

Anyway, you can download Audiobus 3 itself now. The app requires iOS10.2 or later, is universal, a 47MB download and is priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99. There are no IAPs to purchase; all features are included in the base price of the app. And if you don’t wish to move to the new version, Audiobus 2 is going to stay on the App Store as a separate product.

App Store links are provided below for all the updates mentioned above. I’m still exploring what the new AB3 has to offer but a review will follow shortly…. Until then, check out the launch video below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store :-)

Audiobus 3

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

Animoog for iPad

Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

StepPolyArp – MIDI Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator

Download from iTunes App Store

SoundPrism Electro for iPad

Download from iTunes App Store

Music Studio

Download from iTunes App Store

Loopy HD

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Good point, John, about AudioBus2 being updated and still maintained. While I am digging the new MIDI stuff, so far, those who don’t need the MIDI functions of AB3 can just stick with AB2.

      On a different note…Checking the AB3 list of MIDI input apps, got me to go back and redownload SoundPrism Link edition, as well as the recently updated Arpegginome Pro. These are apps I haven’t played with in a while, but I think will now have new purpose for me given the hassle-free connections afforded by AB3.

      • Hi Toz, yes, I’m sure those that have become accustomed to an Audiobus workflow – and perhaps don’t employ a ‘traditional’ DAW/sequencer approach to music making – will find the new MIDI functionality both interesting and creative. Best wishes, John

    2. I’m pretty much still content with just using AUM for now, but I’ll likely eventually get AB3. It’s just I can’t find a compelling reason to do it right now. I don’t have any midi connection issues, and I already use the stand alone midiflow for keys splitting, and restricting velocity, etc.

      Maybe John’s review that compares and contrasts AUM with AB3 will inspire me to buy AB3 more sooner than later, but so far… I haven’t seen much I can’t already do with AUM and Midiflow. Although, the global play transport of AB3 sounds inviting… but AB2 already has that.

      So, having AB2 and AUM and Midiflow… what is there I can’t do in this setup that I could do in AB3?

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