Apple shows the love to iOS musicians – latest iPad ad focuses on music making

Apple Music adI posted a discussion article a few weeks back looking at some of the great things about iOS as a music-making platform…  but also covering the ‘not so great’ stuff that, right here and right now, means that iOS is not yet the ‘perfect’ platform…  ‘has potential but still requires work’ might be the most suitable school report at present.

At the end of that piece, I commented that, much as Apple clearly like to associate themselves with the musician community – iTunes is, after all, a portal for the whole world to buy almost any music you might care to identify – and in particular, the mega-star musicians that top our singles and album charts (‘Who can we get to perform at the next product launch?’), if they really wanted to make a history moment in music production, they ought to take hold of iOS and iron out the audio and MIDI wrinkles so that iOS music app developers can give iOS musicians a smoother ride when it comes to music making workflow. iOS is a brilliant place for the next generation of music makers (and chart toppers) to begin their music-making journey… but it would be even better with some of the current technical obstacles removed.

Is there any hope that Apple might grab this particular thorn and address it for the niche iOS musician community? Well, if their latest TV add for the iPad is anything to go by, then maybe there is…  Have a watch and see what you think….

OK, so maybe this is just the marketing department finding another focused angle to persuade the general public that they really want an iPad because it can do cool stuff…  but, if the ad helps Apple shift a few extra units, and the marketing folks then tell the iOS development team that that’s happened, then maybe the development team will think about the bottom line and decide that all those user support emails they get from disgruntled iOS music app developers and users are perhaps worth thinking about after all…  and that maybe audio and MIDI in iOS is worth getting right. That would be nice….

For all its technical limitations, I still love iOS (sometimes, limitations are what it takes to spark creativity) but I sincerely hope this ad means Apple really do ‘get’ that iOS could be a huge (even more huge?) platform for the next generation of musicians… and, as a consequence, huge for them also….

… cool ad though….  in a slick, mega-corporation trying to be trendy, sort of a way :-)

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    1. All I see in the ad is a bunch of people holding ipads, jumping around. It would have been neat-o if apple would have shown a couple staple music apps up close and personal. O well, I guess it’s a start….Or something. ;)

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