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Download from iTunes App Storeapollo logoRegular readers will recall that I reviewed Secret Base Design’s Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth app when it was first launched and I also took a look at the Mac OSX version when that appeared a few weeks later.

For those who have not tried Apollo yet, the iOS app allows you to transmit MIDI data in realtime between two iOS devices and, if you are an iOS musician who owns more than one iOS device, given the pocket money price, Apollo is no-brainer; it’s a brilliant concept and an excellent utility app to have available. Being able to share the load between multiple devices is a neat trick and I’ve had no problems using Apollo between my iPad Air, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 nor using it with my 2013 model iMac.

However, Patrick Madden – who is most definitely one of the good guys in the world of iOS music app development – is keen to point out that you need two devices with suitable Bluetooth connectivity in order to use Apollo. He has a full list of compatible devices in the app’s description on iTunes but, if you want to be absolutely sure that things are going to work for you, Patrick has now released a free version of Apollo. This is identical to the paid version (at UK£2.99) in every respect except that it only allows you to maintain a connection between your two devices for 5 minutes at a time. This should, of course, give you plenty of scope to explore what Apollo has to offer after which you can go to the full version.

Apollo's main screen allows you to select which iOS apps have active MIDI connections.

Apollo’s main screen allows you to select which iOS apps have active MIDI connections.

Apollo is a brilliant utility and I use it regularly to send MIDI data in both directions between my iPad and my iMac and my iPad and iPhone. Whether you use multiple iOS devices or like to integrate your iOS and OSX music technology. If either apply to you, then hit the download button below and get along to the iTunes App Store to give the free version a trial. Note that the Mac OSX version is also free (from the Mac App Store) so experimenting with Apollo is a cost-free exercise.

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth Free

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    1. This app is really awesome to use! I play between the iPad Air and my 5g iPod Touch, and it works GREAT! I wish other app makers had this “Try before you buy” attitude. Thank you Patrick!

      • Patrick really does bring a very sensible approach to his development work…. and you are right; this is such a useful app to have around…. best wishes, John

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