apeSoft sale – bargain prices on all their apps aimed at the more experimental iOS musician

Download from iTunes App Storeidensity logoDeveloper apeSoft will be familiar to many iOS musicians through their various iOS music apps and their obvious close collaboration with Amazing Noises and their various iOS music apps. Between these two developer names, I’ve reviewed apps such as apeFilter, Sparkle, and apeDelay and, if you have encountered any of these apps then you will know that apeSoft don’t really do ‘conventional’.

Anyway, if you fancy a slice of the apeSoft action, all the apps are currently on a 50% sale pricing. However, you better be quick as the reductions only apply for a very limited time.

However, apeSoft also don’t just do audio effects apps…. they also have a line of iOS ‘instruments’ and/or synths; iDensity, Stria and iPulsaret. These apps are a little more orientated towards ‘playable’ instruments and, within the last few months (indeed, the last couple of weeks for Stria and iPulsaret), all three have updated to v.2.0 and beyond.

iPulsaret - a synth Jim, but not as we know it....

iPulsaret – a synth Jim, but not as we know it….

I reviewed iPulsaret (currently UK£2.99) a few weeks ago and both iDensity and Stria are exactly what you might expect given apeSoft’s track record; unconventional sounding in a very functional user interface. If experimenting with sound is your thing, then these are apps for you.

iDensity (also UK£2.99 while on sale) ships with a single ‘granulation stream’ but, in v.2.0 of the app there is an optional IAP (UK£2.99) that gives you up to four such streams. These can be combined and then you get the usual (well, usual for apeSoft) effects and audio scrubbing features. The end result is all sorts of weird and wonderful noise.

iDensity in action....

iDensity in action….

In contrast, Stria (yep, sale price of UK£5.99) uses FM as the basis of its sound engine -although it is FM with an apeSoft twist – and is perhaps more of a ‘playable’ instrument. It’s a synth (sort of!) but also capable of some very unconventional sounds.

Stria - a synth, just not a conventional one :-)

Stria – a synth, just not a conventional one :-)

There is, of course, also Sparkle, apeFilter, apeDelay (UK2.99, UK£2.29 and UK£2.29 respectively while on sale) and the wonderful, unpredictable and (for my guitar-shaped brain at least) total unfathomable iVCS3 synth emulation. I have a friend who repairs old hardware synths for a living and who had one of these beats in for some TLC a few months ago. He loved the sound but not the cost of keeping it running nor how temperamental it was. OK, so an app doesn’t have quite the same ‘cool’ level but, at the sale price of just UK£5.99, iVCS3 is an absolute bargain for classic synth fans.

The iVSC3 captures the visual look of the original hardware controls very accurately.

The iVSC3 captures the visual look of the original hardware controls very accurately.

If your into sound design or more experimental forms of electronic music making, any of the apps within the apeSoft catalogue are worth a look. However, at 50% off, they also represent even more of a bargain. Get in there quick; you could have a lot of sonic fun. They are perhaps not apps to leave with a small child in a dark room (they could sound too scary!) but, used by responsible adults, capable of some amazing noises….






Sparkle – Advanced Cross-Synthesis



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