apeFilter updated – apeSoft add new features to their surgical iOS EQ app

Download from iTunes App StoreapeFilter logo 2Developer apeSoft will be familiar to many iOS musicians through their various iOS music apps. These include iDensity, Stria and iPulsaret (all UK£5.99) plus the rather wonderful (and, to me, quite intimidating to program!) iVCS3 synth-meets-audio effect. If you have encountered any of these apps then you will know that apeSoft don’t really do ‘conventional’. Indeed, the iVCS3 – as a virtual recreation of a classic hardware synth from days gone by – is perhaps as conventional as it gets and, even then, they picked a very distinctive synth to model in software.

One of their other very interesting apps is apeFilter and I reviewed the app when it first appeared on the App Store. At one level, apeFilter can be described as an EQ effect and, as every DAW app that you care to think of includes some EQ options, and there are a number of very decent iOS audio effects apps that cover EQ, you can be forgiven for perhaps thinking ‘so what?’ when reading about another EQ app.

apeFilter's UI has received a bit of an overhaul.

apeFilter’s UI has received a bit of an overhaul.

However, do bear in mind apeSoft’s track record here; this is a developer that doesn’t really do ‘standard’ and, once you dig in, you soon realise that apeFilter is anything but another ‘me too!’ EQ option. Indeed, while I’m not sure I’m fully qualified to comment on some of the app’s more technical details (I have no idea what a Spectral Grid compiler is, for example), given that you can create an EQ curve with up to 36 peak filters, and that you get very precise control over the settings for each of those filters in terms of gain, frequency and bandwidth, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to label apeFilter as ‘most surgical EQ currently available for iOS’.

The dynamics section offers a good level of control.

The dynamics section offers a good level of control.

Anyway, apeSoft have released a fairly substantial update to the app over the week-end. Visually, the app has had a bit of a refresh and the UI (and logo) have a new look. In terms of features, the internal sampling has been revamped and beefeed, there is a new stereo echo features and dynamics processor and, under the hood, the support for iOS8.3 and Audiobus 2.1.6 has been updated…  along with, of course,a few squashed bugs being dealt with.

The Snapshots Pad gives you plenty of real-time control options.

The Snapshots Pad gives you plenty of real-time control options.

Having given the update a quick spin within Cubasis via IAA, the app seemed to behave very well and it does a great job as a precision EQ tool but also as a creative filter. And, at just UK£2.99, it packs a heck of a lot of features in for a very modest price. Anyway, check out the original apeFilter review for the full details as much of that still applies despite the new look. Perhaps not an essential tool for everyone but certainly a tool everyone could make good use of, both correctively and creatively.


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