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Way back in 2012, I reviewed Anytune Pro HQ by Anystone Technologies. Anytune Pro HQ – which was subsequently renamed as Anytune Pro+ – is a very interesting and very useful utility app. It allows you to take any audio file on your iOS device and adjust either the playback speed or playback pitch (or both). Of course, the main application of these functions would be so you could slow a song down to more easily work out what is being played and so teach yourself how to play a particular track.

For those looking to build their instrument skills – whether guitarists, drummer, keyboard players, singers or saxophonists – the ability to slow down tutorial exercises (perhaps a drum loop or a guitar riff) is an invaluable practice tool. Equally, if you play in a ‘covers’ band or just want to work out the chords or riffs in the latest chart hit, slowing down the track and looping the key sections, provides a way to dig into what is being played and pick out the individual notes.

Anytune Pro+ running under iOS - a great practice tool for any musician.

Anytune Pro+ running under iOS – a great practice tool for any musician.

The pitch shifting functions are useful in two contexts. First, if a track you are trying to learn has been recorded in a non-standard tuning (perhaps a ‘drop’ tuning that some guitar-based bands like to use), Anytune Pro makes it easy to shift the track back to standard pitch so you can work it out without the need to retune your own guitar. Second – and this is an application that I’ve used the app for quite a bit – for singers trying to find a comfortable key in which to sing a cover song, it allows you to adjust the pitch of the original until you find something that suits your own range but still allows you to practice against the original.

As a practice utility app, therefore, Anytune Pro+ is just the ticket. The interface is simple and easy to use but also has all the key features required to get the job done and the quality of the pitch and tempo shifting is actually pretty goo. Even when pushed quite hard it is more than adequate for personal practice.

As well as the slight name change, the app has had a number of updates since my original review adding additional file import/export options, EQ options and Audiobus support. A Mac version has also become available… and both the iOS and OSX versions have become my own ‘go to’ practice tool when I want to either tempo-shift or pitch-shift a commercial track in order to practice or play along.

A further update has arrived on the App Store (both iTunes and Mac) in the last few days taking the app to v.3.12. This has added a number of new features including short cuts for +/- the gain, options for moving through lyrics, ‘quick’ options for setting tempo and pitch, iPhone 6 support and a number of additional fixes and tweaks. The current version does require iOS8.0 or later but is universal so will run on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

If you want to read more details about the app, the core functions are covered in my original review. And while at UK£10.99, Anytune Pro+ isn’t the cheapest iOS music utility app you might buy, if you spend a lot of time studying and playing music of other artists (for example, because you play cover versions), or you are a music teacher needing to slow recorded practice routines down for students, it will pay for itself in no time by slowing down the music to speed up the learning process. In that context, Anytune Pro+ is a very worthwhile investment.

Anytune Pro+

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    1. John, I am a bit of an app junkie and buy a lot of them but along with Auria, this is the one I use the most. It is perfect for learning songs and has the ability to play your guitar (bass for me) through the app rather than having to run other apps in parallel.

      Worth every penny.

      • Hi Tony… thanks for this… Yes, it’s an app I use a lot also… great for working out new songs whether just to strum along or to learn them in a bit more detail…. best wishes, John

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