Animoog update – Moog Music’s classic synth app gets iOS9 support

Download from iTunes App Storeanimoog logoWhile iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a ‘classic’ status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music’s Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£18.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£4.49) and, as a 35MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices.

As I reported a short while ago, Animoog got Audiobus Remote support in the v.2.2.8 update at the end of July and that has followed several other recent updates through 2015; it’s been great to see an iOS classic get some regular attention as, even thought the app has been around for a long time – and the synth app competition is now much greater than when it was first launched – Animoog is still a great app with a dedicated user-base.

Animoog - Moog's iOS synth is already a bit of a 'classic' :-)

Animoog – Moog’s iOS synth is already a bit of a ‘classic’ :-)

Keeping the development pace going, a further update has appeared on the App Store late yesterday. This new version – v.2.3.0 – adds a number of new features but the headlines are support for iOS9 and inclusion of the latest Audiobus SDK. Audiobus State Saving has also been added and, amongst a few other tweaks, background audio performance has, apparently, also been improved.

Having given this a short workout this morning, it seemed to be working pretty well on my iOS9.0.2-equipped iPad Air 1 test system. It’s great to see one of the classic synths of iOS keeping right up-to-date in terms iOS music making technology.

I suspect most long-standing iOS musicians may already have Animoog in their app collections but, if you have not, or if you are new to the whole wonderful world of iOS music apps, then this is a classic bit of iOS synthery. The sound is great and the virtual keyboard, while bringing something novel when it first appeared (and now much copied) is still one of the best available in any iOS music app. Not the cheapest app you might ever buy (at least, not the iPad version) but it does sound awesome :-)

Animoog for iPad

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