Animoog update – new features pencilled in for Moog Music’s classic synth

Download from iTunes App Storeanimoog logoWe are blessed with some wonderful iOS synths apps….  and while iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a ‘classic’ status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music’s Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£22.99/US$29.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£4.49/US$6.99) and, as a 55MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices.

Moog have done a great job of keeping Animoog ticking over with a series of regular updates through 2016 including optimisations for iOS9; it’s been great to see an iOS classic get some regular attention as, even thought the app has been around for a long time – and the synth app competition is now much greater than when it was first launched – Animoog is still a great app with a dedicated user-base.

Animoog - still a bit of an iOS classic synth and well worth experiencing for any iOS musician.

Animoog – still a bit of an iOS classic synth and well worth experiencing for any iOS musician.

Moog have not been slacking off though…  with v.2.4.1 arriving on the App Store today. There is a long list of tweaks and refinements listed on the App Store for this update. These include the usual minor fixes but also a good number of minor changes to the display and how various graphical elements behave. For example, the Timbres panel has been tweaked to make it easier to use. There are also some useful MIDI options added and support for Bluetooth LE MIDI has been added (providing, of course, that you have suitable hardware).

The latest updates brings a graphics refresh for users of the larger iPad Pro.

The latest updates brings a graphics refresh for users of the larger iPad Pro.

However, I found two other things most interesting. First, the graphics have been optimised for the larger iPad Pro. I have to say I think this is quite a noticeable difference and things to appear sharper. Second, the Animoog keyboard now includes support for Apple’s Pencil. At first, this struck me as a bit of an odd thing to add but, having given it a quick trial this morning, it is actually quite interesting. Essentially, the keys can respond to the pressure applied by the Pencil and, while using the Pencil means mono lines only (unless, of course, you have multiple Pencils and hands to use them), the effect is a bit like having both velocity sensitivity and aftertouch for modulating your sounds. Whether I’d stump up for an Apple Pencil just to use Animoog is another matter (!) but, if you own one anyway, it is an interesting addition to the feature set.

Th e app now support the use of Apple's Pencil and you can configure the keyboard to respond to the pencil in a number of different ways.

The app now support the use of Apple’s Pencil and you can configure the keyboard to respond to the pencil in a number of different ways.

I suspect most long-standing iOS musicians may already have Animoog in their app collections but, if you have not, or if you are new to the whole wonderful world of iOS music apps, then this is a classic bit of iOS synthery. The sound is great and the virtual keyboard, while bringing something novel when it first appeared (and now much copied) is still one of the best available in any iOS music app. Not the cheapest app you might ever buy (at least, not the iPad version) but it does sound awesome :-)

Animoog for iPad

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Classic it may be, but it’s still more than I want to pay for it. I already own a couple of dozen great IOS synths, and would be tempted to add this if it was on a level with the most expensive of those, around £15. But no, Moog choose to maintain it at the higher price.

    2. Wow pricey! More than I paid. 23x more…

    3. Unfortunately this version crashes constantly on my iPad Air running iOS 8.4.1. The moment you touch the screen anywhere the app collapses. Although it says it requires 8.1 and up, it no longer works for me, not even after a few clean re-installations of the app. Hopefully they can fix this bug soon because it is definitely one of my favorite iOS synths and used to run stable until now.

    4. Too bad that they pioneered the iOS synths but not AU support. The addition of AU support is currently my most wanted feature and something tells me I’m not the only one. Having REAL plugins is quantum leap in iOS music production.

      • Yes AU support on this would be much appreciated. Makes you wonder why they bothered with the pencil stuff when AU would be more appreciated by user base. Although much harder to incorporate no doubt.

        • Hi Martin…. I think your last point is right on the money…. and is why AU take-up is slower than many of us users would like. It’s not a trivial task for most developers and has, if I understand correctly from those developers I’ve asked about it, not been made easier by the specification of AU when it was first launched which wasn’t as bullet-proof as many developers would have liked. That could leave early adopters with complaints from users when things didn’t work very well even though that was down to the AU spec rather than anything they had done with it in their own apps. Apple have improved things since and, while I suspect the AU spec for iOS is going to remain a bit of a moving target for some time, at least developers are gradually seeing changes that give them a little more confidence in the format…. Fingers crossed that will continue when iOS10 arrives…. Very best wishes, John

    5. Each to their own but I have to say that £22.99 cost for this is frankly a bargain in my opinion. Great sounds, great interface, constant updates, all for the price of 4-5 coffees from Starbucks. I own a lot of other iOS synths but I find myself coming back to Animoog often.

    6. …oh, good news on subject: PPG apps should be about to be updated with AU support. There’s avideo on YouTube showing several instances of wavemapper and wavetable running in AUM. Looks like at least one major synth developper understands the user needs. It’s still unclear whether the upgrades will be free or as IAPs, but I, for one, find it worth paying.

    7. Seriously, by now we should have well over 100 apps with AU support.
      As for the Moog app, I wish them luck. I bought the iPhone version a while back.

      When you buy all these apps with all the IAP, they do add up. I have spent in excess of £500 on iOS music apps before I was lucky enough to own a (Mac Book Pro) 3 months ago and I haven’t looked back since. My current set up is Logic pro x & Omnisphere.

      In summary, I have done my bit to support iOS music developers 

    8. I got this on a mega sale a while ago. I like the synth. But, it’s not my favorite.

    9. ConfusedKitten says:

      I like it because it produces sounds that I’ve never heard anywhere else; and by that I mean across the desktop as well! It’s inexpensive, unique, and full of character. It always blows my mind how people moan about spending a few pounds on amazing technology, at some stage IOS/iPads will reach the rarified heights of the desktop (i.e. be dropped for OSX etc) and software prices will go through the roof, so make hay well the sun shines! I also think a lot of synths have a tendency to sound the same (typical multi oscillator subtractives) they sound great at what they do, but there’s little point buying many of them to make the same sounds in slightly different ways! Animoog in that sense provides something unique, analogue flavoured wavetable synthesis, full of grunt and character. I think it’s excellent that Moog have established themselves on IOS with Animoog (and Model 15 etc) their software rocks!

    10. Hi, my Animoog for IPad doesn’t react now for a few days. When I press the button is says wait….. But nothing happens. Restarted the IPad a few times no result. I am guitte desparet because I have made a lot of sounds specially for film scores and lyrics. It is the way I compose. The Animoog is my Stradivarius on stage so to say and the sound improved a lot by using a dogging station. How can a open the app without losing my sounds? And what is the reason of this faillure? I can’t wait for your advise how t solve this problem. Thanks.

    11. I think I own just about every synth for iOS. Animoog is by far my favorite!

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