AmpliTube updated – new amps/effects added for free and new fender Collection 2 IAP

Download from iTunes App StoreAmplitube logoIK Multimedia are one of the developers who have consistently made a big push with iOS and they have some pretty impressive iOS music apps in their catalogue, some of which are also available for the Android platform.

AmpliTube is their ‘virtual guitar rig’ app and it was one of the first apps I reviewed for the Music App Blog. As I mentioned back in May 2015, IK Multimedia launched a major revamp with v.4 of AmpliTube for iOS, with a new processing engine but maintaining backwards compatibility with existing IAPs and available as a free upgrade to existing users. There has been a constant stream of 4.X updates since then and a further one – to v.4.4.0 – appeared on the App Store a yesterday.

As with the other ‘.’ updates to v.4, this is at least partly a maintenance update with the App Store description including reference to various tweaks under the hood, including a new option to add rest blocks to the Loop Drummer tool.

This latest update adds for new virtual kit to AmpliTube for free….

However, IK Multimedia have also been busy stocking the AmpliTube Store and there is a new IAP titled fender Collection 2 (see the demo video below). For UK£19.99/US$19.99, this adds several new virtual Fender amps including the ’57 Custom Twin and ’57 Bandmaster and equivalent cabs. However, perhaps the obvious highlight of the update is that is also adds some new stuff for free for all users. Three new amps are included, one of which is titled the British Copper TB30 (yep, a Vox AC30 Top Boost alike). And very good it sounds too! There are also 6 new stompbox effects, some of which are shown in the screenshot above.

It’s difficult to argue that something new for nothing is a pretty good deal….  The base price of AmpliTube is UK£19.99/US$19.99 and, even if you don’t then indulge is some of the many IAP add-ons, the basic ‘virtual’ kit provided covers most electric guitar styles and also offers support for bass guitar. AmpliTube 4 sounds great and is well worth considering alongside the obvious competition….

AmpliTube for iPad

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AmpliTube for iPhone

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    1. Hi John,

      I’ve been hearing some great things about the new Fender Collection IAP, but am wondering about a couple of things.

      AmpliTube was my first “virtual guitar rig,” after I purchased my iRig HD. I was massively disappointed and deleted it. This was before version four. By then I had already moved on to Jam-Up, ToneStack, Bias FX and Amp Kit.

      Since the v.4 update, how does it compare to these other rigs soundwise?

      In your v.4 review, you wrote:

      “I’ve only spent a little time experimenting with the new version but, so far at least, I have to say I’m suitably impressed. It will be interesting to do so A/B testing alongside the earlier version and alongside the obvious competition (yes, BIAS FX would be the obvious comparison) but, from first impressions, AmpliTube 4 does seem to have taken a step up from the previous version with this update. That will be very welcome to users old and new….”

      Was wondering if you ever conducted the A/B testing, and if so, where can it be found?

      Thanks, as always, for your great iOS coverage!

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