AmpliTube updated – IK Multimedia give v.4 a further set of tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreAmplitube logoIK Multimedia are one of the developers who have consistently made a big push with iOS and they have some pretty impressive iOS music apps in their catalogue, some of which are also available for the Android platform.

AmpliTube is their ‘virtual guitar rig’ app and it was one of the first apps I reviewed for the Music App Blog. The app has been around for a long time and was first launched back in 2010. It has, of course, been through a number of updates since then and IK Multimedia have continued to add new features, support for things like Audiobus and IAA, and a whole range of additional virtual kit available as IAPs.

As I mentioned back in May, IK Multimedia have launched a revamped v.4 of AmpliTube for iOS recently, with a new processing engine but maintaining backwards compatibility with existing IAPs and available as a free upgrade to existing users. There have been a number of small updates since then and a further one – to v.4.0.3 – appeared on the App Store yesterday.

AmpliTube 4 - revamped visuals but, more significantly, revamped sound engine.

AmpliTube 4 – revamped visuals but, more significantly, revamped sound engine.

As with the other ‘.’ updates to v.4, this is pretty much a maintenance update with the App Store description reading simply ‘general reliability improvements’. However, for regular users, continued development is always welcome and it is good to see IK Multimedia getting on top of the (inevitable?) minor issues that any new launch is likely to bring.

If you are a current AmpliTube 3 user then the update to v.4 is a no-brainer; AmpliTube 4 just sounds better than v.3 and the latest 4.0.3 update means the performance and workflow have been improved further…  Well worth auditioning alongside the obvious competition….

AmpliTube for iPad

AmpliTube for iPhone

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