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Download from iTunes App StoreAmpKit logoAs regular readers to the blog will know, I’m a big fan of iOS guitar amp sims. One of my favourite such apps – AmpKit iOS music app by Agile Partners – has been updated this week with v. 1.6.3 now available on the App Store. AmpKit+ is a brilliant app and, used with the Peavey/Agile Partners recently released LiNK HD I/O interface, is capable of creating some excellent guitar tones for both recording and performance uses.

With more iOS musicians now looking to exploit the higher quality audio available from interfaces that use the digital connectivity of their iDevices (such as the LiNK HD), aside from a number of bug fixes, etc., the main new additions to the v.1.6.3 release are some improvements to the way the app interacts with USB-based (via the Apple camera Connection kit) audio interfaces.

The new release improves AmpKit's flexibility in working with various audio interfaces.

The new release improves AmpKit’s flexibility in working with various audio interfaces.

This includes devices such as the popular  Focusrite iTrack Solo which, when I originally reviewed that device, AmpKit didn’t allow you to select the iTrack’s instrument level input. This has now been resolved in the latest release. As an example, I had no problems using either of the main inputs from my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interface (connected via the USB/Apple Camera Connection kit connection) with AmpKit+.

It’s great to see the leading iOS music apps starting to mature and, as well as playing nicely with other apps (via Audiobus for example), also improving their compatibility with other third party hardware.





To hear some audio examples of the tones AmpKit+ can create, then watch the short video…

To see the AmpKit LiNK HD in action, then watch the short video…



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