AmpKit update – Agile Partners deliver Audiobus support under iOS8

Download from iTunes App StoreAmpKit logoAs a bit of a guitar tone nerd, I’ve never been shy of using just one guitar amp sim when two (heck, five or six) might be a load more fun. We are blessed with a good crop of iOS guitar amp sim apps so, if you have the inclination, there is lots of variety and choice available.

Agile Partner’s AmpKit+ is one of the more long-standing apps in this group and I’ve reviewed the app, Agile’s LiNK HD guitar interface (made in collaboration with Peavey) and various updates to AmpKit in the past.

AmpKit+; Agile Partners guitar amp sim working within Audiobus under iOS8.

AmpKit+; Agile Partners guitar amp sim working within Audiobus under iOS8.

The app got its first iOS8-related update back in mid-October but, at that time, this didn’t bring the Audiobus support up-to-date. The app still sounded great but long-standing users were probably a bit frustrated by not be able to use the app via Audiobus.

Agile have, however, released a further update today – taking the app to v.2.2.3 – and this now returns Audiobus support under both iOS7 and iOS8. Having given this a quick try for myself, the app seems pretty solid under Audiobus (tested on my Air 1 with iOS8.1.1) and, equally, was happy enough as an IAA effect within Cubasis.

AmpKit's Audiobus support is now up-to-date.

AmpKit’s Audiobus support is now up-to-date.

We saw a really flurry of app updates just prior to the arrival of iOS8 and a whole host more in the few weeks afterwards. However, there are still some popular iOS music apps for which we are still waiting to see if iOS8 support will be forthcoming. In the world of iOS music app development – with a very few exceptions – most of the development teams are..  well, let’s just describe them as ‘compact… so perhaps its not altogether surprising that some developers have required more time to get their apps over the iOS8/Audiobus finish line. Anyway, its great to see Agile finally do that for AmpKit… Here’s hoping a few more of the still ‘missing in action’ apps also get updated soon.


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