AltiSpace update – new presets and other tweaks added to iOS convolution reverb

Download from iTunes App StoreAltiSpace logoThe App Store is blessed with a few pretty good reverb apps and I’ll regularly reach for any of AUFX:Space, AudioReverb or AD480 Reverb when I need a conventional reverb treatment (as opposed to something more off the wall; then it might be something like Crystalline). All produce results that are far superior to what their respective the price tags suggest ought to be possible.

However, since Igor Vasiliev released his convolution-based reverb AltiSpace, when a track or mix element justifies a bit of special treatment, this app has become my personal conventional reverb of choice. And while the convolution engine probably does mean it chews through a few more CPU cycles (although it still seems pretty efficient), I think the quality of the results makes it worth while.

AltiSpace; brilliant convolution reverb app for iOS.

AltiSpace; brilliant convolution reverb app for iOS.

An update hit the App Store over the week-end taking the app to v.1.9. There are some minor tweaks under the hood but the headline new feature is that more brand new reverb impulses have been added so that the built-in library now contains over 350 reverb impulses from some 20 well-know reverbs. In use, this really is a very fine sounding reverb and it works well under both Audiobus and IAA….

There are a few other minor tweaks including the option to choose between controls for wet/dry balance or Reverb level and an option to boost the reverb output level. You can read the original review of AltiSpace here but, if you do any recording using iOS, then skip this morning’s high street latte, and buy this app instead. It’s brilliant value for money at UK£4.99 and sounds great.

AltiSpace – Convolution Reverb

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    1. Michael says:

      I agree that AltiSpace sounds great. I do find that it produces a more subtle, less pronounced, effect than some of the others you mentioned. Do you find the same thing? Is the level of reverb in the AltiSpace preset more “realistic” in terms of what professional sound engineers would use? Some of the presets in AUFX:Space, which I also really like, seem more in the “sound mangler” or special effects category.

      • Hi Michael… you might find that the new output level boost allows you to get a bit more ‘effect’ if you use AltiSpace as a send/return processor…. but, yes, I think your observation is broadly correct… convolution reverbs can be a little more ‘reserved’ than a more conventional algorithmic reverb…. and, with the right impulses, also ought to give a very realistic sense of space. Best wishes, John

    2. AltiSpace may be the most used Efx app in my collection probably because of what Michael pointed out above; it’s nice and subtle which is all I usually want from reverb. The continued enhancement of this app has been amazing and wonderful…from an amazing and wonderful developer!

    3. Martin Craig says:

      I love this reverb. I recorded a stereo track (acoustic gtr/vocs) on my Tascam DR-22WL, took it into Auria and added EQ, AltiSpace (EMT 140 impulse) then Old Timer (BusComp) ProDS & Microwarmer (Track Tape). It was a 1950s cover, so the EMT140 impulse was a natural choice and I made it more prominent than usual to get closer to the vocal sound of the original. AltiSpace is my favourite reverb now.

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