Advertising Information

Music App Blog logoThe Music App Blog website is happy to offer a range of very competitive advertising options for suitable products and services that will appeal to the site’s readership. In return, the site offers advertisers with access to a highly targeted audience.

Advertising format and rates

Two sizes of advertising space are available; 250 x 125 pixels and 125 x 125 pixels and both are competitively priced so that advertising space is accessible to even the smallest of indie developers. Discounted rates are available for booking six month blocks. You can see full details of pricing on our advert booking form.

The site contains a block of advertising spaces within the upper portion of the right sidebar section of every page on the site. Client’s adverts will be shown in a rotation of a maximum of 1 in 4 pages displays. ┬áRotation ensures that the advertising space stays ‘fresh’ on each page display as adverts will appear in different locations within the advert grid each time a page is generated.

Simple, secure and automated

Aside from the advert approval process (where we check that the advert is appropriate for the site’s audience and which, in turn, triggers the final step in the payment process), the system is fully automated. You can purchase advertising space through our online system, payment is completed via PayPal and you will receive an automatic email notification two weeks prior to the end of the advertising period so you can ensure that renewals are dealt with in a timely fashion. Tracking statistics are also available to all advertisers so you can get feedback on your advert’s performance.

If all advertising spaces are booked, potential new advertisers can register interest. You will then be contacted when a slot becomes available.

Further information

We are happy to answer any questions potential advertisers might have about the Music App Blog website and the advertising process. If you have a question, or would just like further information, then please contact us. We have an information pack available for advertisers upon request. This includes background information on the website, the pricing structures, details of the software used to organise the advertising system (the process is both streamlined and secure) and a walkthrough of the booking system.

However, if you would just like to place an advert, then please proceed to our booking form.

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