Addictive Pro updated – VirSyn add Audio Unit support their latest iOS synth app

Download from iTunes App Storeaddictive-pro-logo-1VirSyn are one of the software developers that have fully embraced the iOS platform. They have gradually developed a very impressive catalogue of iOS music apps many or which – Tera SynthmicroTERAHarmony VoiceAddictive Synth, Tap Delay, Emo Chorus, Posiedon Synth, Voxsyn, Arpeggist and the brilliant ReSlice, for example – I’ve reviewed here previously on the Music App Blog.

I reviewed what is now perhaps their flagship iOS synth – Addictive Pro – just afetr it was released in September. The iPad-only app is a 44MB download and requires iOS8.0 or later. It arrived with Audiobus support (including State Saving), IAA, Core MIDI, MIDI Learn and support for alternative scales via the virtual piano keyboard.

Addictive Pro - the latest addition to the VirSyn iOS music app catalogue.

Addictive Pro – a brilliant addition to the VirSyn iOS synth app catalogue.

This is very much a personal favourite amongst the more recent crop of new iOS synth app releases….  and as well as loving the sounds, I was super-impressed with the 4-track arpeggiator. This became even better when VirSyn added Ableton Link support in the v.1.1.0 update. A couple of further minor updates have arrived since then tweaking and fixing in various places (for example, in the Audiobus, IAA and Ableton Link support).

Ooohhh…. Addictive Pro goes AU :-)

A further update arrived on the App Store late yesterday….  and this is quite a big one; Addictive Pro now includes AU support. Like ReSlice – their most recent iOS music app release and which includes a very well implemented AU option – Addictive Pro comes pretty much fully intact into the world of the AU plugin. There is a certain amount of screen tabbing to be done to access the full feature set of the app but, on the whole VirSyn have done a brilliant job of squeezing a very powerful, and fully-featured, synth into what is a pretty compact standard AU window size.

The AU format does, of course, mean you can run multiple instances of Addictive Pro within the same project.

Having given the AU plugin a bit of a run through this morning, it seems to be working very well indeed. The only ‘gotcha’ I encountered was that the preset system seemed to be empty….  Most iOS musicians will be familiar with the ‘issue’ of the standalone and AU presets for an individual app not always being consistent….   and I would guess that VirSyn will quickly add the preset into the AU version if that’s a general issue (rather than just a quirk of my test system) with a further minor update at some stage. Fingers crossed….

VirSyn have done a pretty good job of packing in the full control set of the synth…. use the tab button located bottom-right to move between the main pages of controls.

That said, it is great to see such a powerful synth functioning as an iOS AU plugin….  and, yes, multiple instances worked fine under AUM in my own brief testing. We have seen some very positive moves in terms of AU support over the last month or two and this is certainly a welcome and notable addition.

The arpeggiator is present and correct in the AU version of the app.

There are some further tweaks also. The effects options have been updated to bring them in line with VirSyn’s other recent releases so you now get the Common block and the option to re-order the effects signal chain. A few bug fixes have also been applied under the hood.

The effects section has been updated to match that found in ReSlice and AudioEffx.

Anyway, check out the original full review of Addictive Pro for further details but, with AU support now included, it is an even better buy than when it was first released. The price is currently UK£12.99/US$12.99 and, if you are an iOS synth junkie, or keen to get on board with the coming AU revolution, I suspect you are going to be very tempted to add Addictive Pro to your app collection….  hit the download button to find out more…. :-)

Addictive Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. One of my favourite apps as well and love the fact that we are finally starting to see more and more apps jumping on AU bandwagon including some of the big players.
      Addictive Pro also demonstrates beautifully that even most complex apps can be ported to AU as long as there is a will and commitment. Love it :)

      • Yep, it works very well…. and while there are plenty of sub-pages to scroll through, it is all there under AU….. Well done to VirSyn :-) best wishes, John

    2. Good work Virsyn. i hope all other developers follow suite.

    3. xine44000 says:

      i have noticed that now, all the presets that involved the arpeggiator (and always the same presets) crashed the apps: no more sound, and i must unload and then reload the AU instance to recover the sound. At the same time, and after the same upgrade, now in standalone mode, just the arpeggiators track 1 “produce” sound.
      Is there anybody else that have the same behaviour?
      ipad air2/last ios/cubasis

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