AD 480 Reverb update – high-quality iOS reverb effect app from Fiedler Audio gets updated for iOS8

Download from iTunes App StoreAD 480 Reverb logoI posted a review of the rather excellent AD 480 iOS music app from Fiedler Audio last week. AD 480 provides a high-quality reverb effect, with plenty of controls to shape your virtual space, a good set of presets in the ‘pro’ version, and both Audiobus and IAA support.

However, the really novel feature is something that Fiedler Audio refer to as ‘dynamic upgrade’. Simply put, the app is provided in three versions; free, basic and pro (priced at ‘free (surprise!), UK£2.49 and UK£10.49 respectively). You can install any or all of the three versions on a single device and, because of their ability to ‘dynamically upgrade’, they will all operate at the level of the most fully featured version.

The AD 480 Pro version - the main reverb controls are spread over two pages when used on the iPad.

The AD 480 Pro version – the main reverb controls are spread over two pages when used on the iPad.

So, if you buy and install the ‘pro’ version, installing the ‘free’ version essentially gives you a second ‘pro’ version and, as they are separate apps, you can use them both at the same time. Providing you have the CPU resources, you can, therefore, have two (or even three if you also buy the ‘basic’ version) instances of AD 480 running at the same time.

Ready for 8?

An update for AD 480 Pro has appeared on the App Store this morning taking the app to v.1.27. As well as some bug fixes, the key new feature with this update is under the hood; integration of the new Audiobus s.1.1 SDK. As mentioned in another post this morning on the Audiobus update, this also means that AD 480 is now ‘iOS8 ready’ and makes use of the IAA-based audio routing engine that now underlies how Audiobus itself works.

It’s great to see app developers getting a head start on implementing the new Audiobus SDK…  fingers crossed many more will follow before we get close to the launch of iOS8 itself so that we can be sure that as many of our favourite music apps will continue to work under the new version of the OS.

AD 480 Pro

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