AD 480 Reverb update – high-quality iOS reverb effect app from Fiedler Audio gets updated

Download from iTunes App StoreAD 480 Reverb logoI posted a review of the rather excellent AD 480 iOS music app from Fiedler Audio some time ago. AD 480 provides a high-quality reverb effect, with plenty of controls to shape your virtual space, a good set of presets in the ‘pro’ version, and both Audiobus and IAA support.

However, the really novel feature is something that Fiedler Audio refer to as ‘dynamic upgrade’. Simply put, the app is provided in three versions; free, basic and pro (priced at ‘free (surprise!), UK£3.99/US$3.99 and UK£14.99/US$14.99 respectively). You can install any or all of the three versions on a single device and, because of their ability to ‘dynamically upgrade’, they will all operate at the level of the most fully featured version.

The AD 480 Pro version - the main reverb controls are spread over two pages when used on the iPad.

The AD 480 Pro version – the main reverb controls are spread over two pages when used on the iPad.

So, if you buy and install the ‘pro’ version, installing the ‘free’ version essentially gives you a second ‘pro’ version and, as they are separate apps, you can use them both at the same time. Providing you have the CPU resources, you can, therefore, have two (or even three if you also buy the ‘basic’ version) instances of AD 480 running at the same time…..  no, it’s not quite the same as having AU support, but not so far away either.

Anyway, the app hasn’t received an update for around 12 months (although has been working quite happily on my test system anyway) but, alongside the steady flow of other apps, has now been updated to provide iOS11 compatibility. The latest version – v.1.36 –  arrived on the App Store yesterday and, while I’ve only had a chance to give it a brief test, it does seem to be working well. As well as iOS11 support, the update includes the latest Audiobus 3 SDK and some refinements to the Audiobus performance.

Of course, the need for this dynamic upgrade system would all be a bit moot if the developers were able to add AU support to AD 480. The, providing you had a suitable AU host of course, you could run multiple instances of the app anyway….  Fingers crossed that’s something that might happen as the user interface would easily translate to the (sometimes) more constrained screen real-estate offered to AU plugins in some AU hosts.

That said, it’s great to see app developers getting on refining their software to ensure iOS11 support…  although, thankfully, this OS transition does seem to have been a somewhat smoother ride for iOS music apps than some previous experiences :-). While you will have to make your own call as to whether AU is really what you want in your effects apps now, you can check out the original AD 480 review here ….  and, AU or not, it does sounds very good indeed.

AD 480 Pro

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