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The Music App Blog website provides news, reviews, tutorials and resources aimed at musicians making music using mobile platforms such as Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad under iOS.

Music technology is always evolving and, for many new musicians, their smart phone or tablet computer is their first experience of what software can offer the modern music maker. Your smart phone or tablet computer can be your music tutor, your guitar tuner, your guitar amp, your piano or your synth. Equally, it can, with the right combination of music apps, be your whole recording studio, including audio recording, MIDI sequencing, effects processing and audio mastering. And the possibilities are expanding all the time.

The aim of the Music App Blog is to introduce you to this exciting new arena, keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening, explaining how the technology works and, most importantly, helping you make the most of the musical potential mobile devices offer the modern musician.

So, if you are just intrigued as to what mobile computing technology might offer you as a musician, or you are already convinced about the platform and keen to find out more, then dig into the site. And once you have, make sure you stop by the Contact Us page and say ‘hi’ – feedback, questions or suggestions for the site are always welcome :-)

A brief bio

JW image 2This site is run by John Walden. John is a freelance musician and music technology journalist. He divides his time between producing music for media applications (mainly through production music for companies in the U.K. and U.S.A. such as Focus Music, Mode Production Music and Hollywood Trax) and writing reviews and techniques articles for one of the world’s leading music technology magazines Sound On Sound.

John is also a big fan of mobile technology and gets a kick out of exploring and learning about any aspect of music making on his iPhone and iPad.

John has a PhD in rock. This might be kind of cool (if a little nerdy) but, unfortunately, this is the earth/environmental science kind of rock (even more nerdy) rather than the music kind of rock and it is of absolutely no benefit in his musical efforts. Such is life….

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For information, this blog is partly supported by the good folk at places such as Google, Amazon and iTunes through advertising and affiliate programmes and that means this site does use cookies.

We are happy to advertise products and services that might be useful to those interested in making music via a mobile device but that doesn’t mean we endorse every such product or service you might see mentioned here. That said, if we really DO like something and think it is worth recommending, we will make it clear to our readers in our posts.

If, as a reader, you like what you see here and it proves helpful to you, then please do feel free to use the various links to the iTunes App Store or to Amazon. Any purchases you make generate a little income that helps keep the site running and will be much appreciated :-)

If you are an app developer or music technology company that might be interested in direct advertising on the Music App Blog website then please feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibility.

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The Music App Blog also operates a privacy policy. Should you chose to use our ‘Contact Us‘ form, we promise never to rent, sell or share your email address.

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