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Mobile POD update – Line 6 tweak their iOS guitar rig sim for iOS11

If you have any interest in guitar-related technology then Line 6 will be a very familiar brand. I'm most certainly a fan having, over the last 15+ years, used their hardware guitar amp modellers, digital amps, desktop software and, now under iOS, their guitar amp/cab/effect modelling app Mobile POD. While the app itself is 'free', for much of its early life, you had to own a Line 6 Sonic Port (or the newer Sonic Port VX) to use Mobile POD. However, Line 6 did the sensible thing when they … [Read more...]

Audiobus 3 updated – Audiobus gets iOS11 fine-tuning

I posted a full review of Audiobus 3 when it was released at the beginning of April. As promised by the Audiobus team, the new version had three new headline features. First, the app provides MIDI routing between compatible apps, making it easier to configure your overall arrangement of apps within a specific Audiobus project. Second, Audiobus 3 supports Audio Unit plugins as well as Audiobus and IAA compatible apps. This is obviously an important development given that AU is now making … [Read more...]

M/S Proc and iConvolver updates – processing apps for iOS from ART Teknika get some tweaks

I posted reviews of ART Teknika’s convolution reverb app iConvolver and mid-side processor M/S Proc – around a year ago when both were first released. I was suitably impressed with both apps. They did a good job and the user-interfaces are simple to use. Both apps were also sensibly priced and, while there is plenty of competition in terms of convolution reverbs, we do perhaps have fewer options when it comes to mid/side processing....  although that, itself, it perhaps something of a more … [Read more...]

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – further updates to well-featured iOS DAW/sequencer

If you look at the desktop marketplace, the world is not short of DAW/sequencer options. And, if the likes of, for example, Cubasis, GarageBand, Auria Pro or Gadget, don't float your particular boat, as I posted a few months ago, there are further options for you to consider including Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. As I discussed in the full review, I was impressed with the basic concept, the conventional design approach (which makes for a modest learning curve) and the sensible core feature … [Read more...]

Addictive Pro updated – VirSyn refine Audio Unit support their iOS synth app

VirSyn are one of the software developers that have fully embraced the iOS platform. They have gradually developed a very impressive catalogue of iOS music apps many or which - Tera Synth, microTERA, Harmony Voice, Addictive Synth, Tap Delay, Emo Chorus, Posiedon Synth, Voxsyn, Arpeggist and the brilliant ReSlice, for example - I've reviewed here previously on the Music App Blog. I reviewed what is now perhaps their flagship iOS synth - Addictive Pro - just after it was released. The … [Read more...]

iTalizer launched – Numerical Audio add to their popular iOS AU app collection

I reviewed the excellent RP-1  and RF-1 apps from Numercial Audio developer Kai Aras here on the Music App Blog when when both first launched. They provide compact, but well-featured delay and reverb effects respectively and both are capable of conventional and more creative treatments. For the iOS musician, both RF-1 and RP-1 are universal apps, requires iOS9.0 or later, are approximately 30MB downloads and are individually priced at just UK£5.99/US$5.99. However, on a technical front, … [Read more...]

fluXpad update – MoMinstruments make their left-field sample-based sequencer universal

I posted a full review of fluXpad when it was first released and it is perhaps most easily summarised as a sample-based sequencing environment. Of course, at it is from the Mouse On Mars team, fluXpad does come with a typical MoM twist; you  'draw' your pattern sequences for each sound. Multiple patterns (clips?) can be sequenced within a single project and these then triggers to create a full performance. As shown in the screenshots, given the 'drawing' element, the UI can look a little like a … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect Pro update – iOS 11 support and new mixer for excellent iOS virtual drummer app

When the original DrumPerfect was released, it caused quite a stir amongst iOS musicians. While we have not been short of drum-based apps, in terms of realistic acoustic drum performance, DrumPerfect was a bit of a revelation. OK, so it wasn't perhaps the most beautiful software to look at, and the workflow could, at times, have been somewhat slicker, but the ingenious sample playback engine managed to squeeze a remarkable level of sonic detail from a pretty modest sample pot and the … [Read more...]

AD 480 Reverb update – high-quality iOS reverb effect app from Fiedler Audio gets updated

I posted a review of the rather excellent AD 480 iOS music app from Fiedler Audio some time ago. AD 480 provides a high-quality reverb effect, with plenty of controls to shape your virtual space, a good set of presets in the 'pro' version, and both Audiobus and IAA support. However, the really novel feature is something that Fiedler Audio refer to as ‘dynamic upgrade’. Simply put, the app is provided in three versions; free, basic and pro (priced at ‘free (surprise!), UK£3.99/US$3.99 and … [Read more...]