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Igor Vasiliev SALE – all Igor’s iOS music apps on limited-time sale

Regular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering, AltiSpace and Master FX, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. Igor has also released the interesting, excellent, and just a bit mad, SoundScaper and FieldScaper apps - two sound design toolkits in an app format - and that more experimental iOS music makers (oh, and sound designers!) have been having a lot of … [Read more...]

NYCompressor launched – AU compressor added to DDMF’s iOS app lineup

A little while ago, I posted reviews of the  6144 EQ, Envelope Reverb and Nolimits iOS audio effects/processor apps from DDMF and developer Christian Siedschlag. All of these are very capable audio processors in their own right but, given the desire from many iOS musicians to see the AU plugin format really take hold, the fact that they are also available as AU plugins only is also of considerable interest. 6144 EQ is a AU-only format equaliser plugin whose inspiration was the highly regarded … [Read more...]

ChordFlow updated – new iOS MIDI chord sequencer app from Dmitry Klochkov gets improved MIDI out functions

I did a round-up article a good while ago here on the Music App Blog that looked at the various ‘MIDI performance’ apps available for iOS. A couple of apps that have appeared since that article are ChordUp and Clawtar, both from developer Dmitry Klochkov. Both bring a slightly different take on the whole MIDI note creation process and I'm sure many iOS musicians could find a use for either app amongst their utility apps. Both are also available for pocket money prices. Dmitry's new app  - … [Read more...]

Syndt giveaway – five copies of Klevgränd’s new polyphonic synth to be won

Klevgränd Produktion launched their latest iOS music app - Syndt - just a week or so ago and I did a full review of the app here on the Music App Blog. Syndt is another addition to the streamlined instrument options with their 'Kanvas' UI backdrop. It features an polyphonic synth engine and, for a Klevgränd app at least, quite a few controls that are actually spread over three (yes, three!) screens :-) As with all their recent releases, Syndt is delivered in formats for desktop (AU, VST) and … [Read more...]

Forever Beats giveaway results – four winners of quirky step sequencer

I did a full review of John Hussey’s Forever Beats – which made its debut on the App Store back in February (and has been on my ‘to do’ list since then; sorry!) - a week or so ago here on the Music App Blog. The app provides a pattern/step-based sequencing environment. What is perhaps interesting is the design decisions made to pull together the specific combination of features that are included within the app. And, to keep things streamlined so that you can get creative as quickly as … [Read more...]

Master Record updated – Igor Vasiliev’s tape sim app gets iOS10 tweaks

Regular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s effects processors for iOS and know that I'm a bit of a fan; Igor makes solid, feature packed apps, with a straightforward interface...  and they are also very keenly priced. This weekend saw the arrival of v.2.1 for Master Record (UK£6.99/US$6.99) on the App Store. You can read the original review of Master Record here but the app - which allows you to add a little bit of analog-style tape emulation (and other types of analog … [Read more...]

Quantiloop update – stompbox-style iOS looper app from Stephan Marx gets significant new features

Quantiloop was released back in September 2016 - you can read the original full Muisc App Blog review here - and provides a very impressive addition to the cluster of looper-style apps that are available under iOS (for example, Loopy HD, Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator). Stephan Marx has bought a distinctive retro design that looks very 'hardware' in nature and, as this gives the app a very distinctive feel and mode of operation, I suspect it will … [Read more...]

Music making with iOS; the pros and cons; no. 3; its price vs its price

So far, in this short series of short(ish) articles looking at the pros and cons of iOS as a music technology platform – and intended to provide a balanced view so that those considering what iOS might have to offer them are better placed to judge - we have considered the issues of storage format (part 1) and size (physical footprint; part 2). In part 3, let’s tackle what is perhaps a critical theme when for anyone making a purchase decision; costs. Premium product, premium price; it’s a … [Read more...]

Drum Session updated – excellent iOS virtual drummer gets pattern sharing feature

If you want the sound of acoustic drums that sound like they are being played by a real human drummer, then we have a number of possible iOS music apps. This list of the most obvious candidates includes the excellent Drum Session, a collaboration between well-known iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer and the Blue Mangoo team (of iFretless fame). While Drum Session is not quite 'EZ Drummer in an app', it certainly has the ubiquitous desktop virtual drummer as its inspiration....  which is certainly … [Read more...]