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Wizibel launched – Klevgränd add to their iOS app collection with audio visualiser app

I've reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Klevgränd Produktion here on the blog over the last year or two - Vandelay, Squashit, Svep, Roverb, Enkl, Weeel, Korvpressor, PressIt,  Esspresso, Jussi, Haaze and Pads. A number of these are also available in an AU plugin format for these working on an OSX desktop system and Klevgränd took a pretty bold step a few months ago when the also added AU support under iOS; it was great to see... and, in every case, I've been hugely impressed with the … [Read more...]

AC Sabre update – interesting MIDI instrument and motion controller for iOS gets some tweaks

I was lucky enough to review the very interesting AC Sabre back in August.  The iTunes tag line describes the app as a ‘professional MIDI instrument and motion controller’. The emphasis is most certainly on the word ‘controller’ here; AC Sabre allows the user to use the touch screen and the motion sensitivity of an iOS device to generate all sorts of MIDI data. This data can be sent to an app (for example, a synth app or DAW/sequencer) running on the same device or, via Bluetooth or WiFi, that … [Read more...]

Looperverse launched – Retronyms deliver well-specified iOS looper and optional footswitch hardware

Retronyms are a well known brand within the iOS music technology world. I think it's probably fair to say that they have had some successes - AudioCopy, for example - but also some (potentially good) ideas that, for one reason to another, have not quite worked out or found a big enough audience to really thrive. However, their latest offering - Looperverse - which appeared on the App Store for the first time yesterday, is already attracting quite a lot of attention. As the name (and be … [Read more...]

Cubasis giveaway – 5 copies of Steinberg’s brilliant Cubasis to be won

As regular readers here will know, I'm a bit of a Cubasis fan. Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks of recording and mixing audio/MIDI music productions. And, as a Cubase user on the desktop, for me at least, Cubasis makes a perfect platform for capturing initial ideas that can then easily be moved across to the desktop if they make the grade as something worth developing further. A personal opinion I know but, for me, Cubasis … [Read more...]

Drum Session giveaway – two copies of universal iOS drum app to be won

As I posted a few days ago, the excellent Drum Session has been updated and is now a universal app, running on iPad and iPhone. The app represents a collaboration between well-known iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer and the Blue Mangoo team (of iFretless fame) and has been known to been in development for some time. And, if you have followed any of the online discussion around the app, you will have read that EZ Drummer was, in broad terms at least, the sort of ethos behind Drum Session. That's … [Read more...]

AltiSpace update – new presets and other tweaks added to iOS convolution reverb

The App Store is blessed with a few pretty good reverb apps and many are capable of producing results that are far superior to what their respective the price tags suggest ought to be possible. One of these is most certainly Igor Vasiliev amazing convolution-based reverb AltiSpace. That we have convolution reverbs under iOS is impressive enough....  when they are priced at just UK£6.99/US$6.99, it is.... well, close on unbelievable if you have hung around computer-based music technology for … [Read more...]

fluXpad and Elastic Drums giveaway results – 5 winners of the two apps

I posted news items on both fluxPad and Elastic Drums a week or so ago. The former has had a nice new update while the latter had an IAP drum sample sale going on. Both apps have plenty of offer to the iOS music maker with an interest in electronic music styles. You can perhaps best describe fluXpad as a sample-based sequencer but where you 'draw' your pattern sequences for each sound. Multiple patterns (clips?) can be sequenced within a single project and these then triggered to create a … [Read more...]

Self-a-Fuzz launched – CKEK software’s latest app offers a ride on the wild side

For the more experimentally minded, iOS has a number of very good audio effects apps that might appeal. One candidate - Deregulator by CKEK software - which I reviewed back in June 2014. With a pocket-money price (the app is currently UK£1.99/US$1.99), Deregulator could be described as a ‘spatial’ processor in that it focuses on stereo delay, echo and reverb effects and, as I reported a couple of days ago, has just been updated. Saveliy Kaliupanov delivered a wild, weird and quite often … [Read more...]

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio update – further updates to new iOS DAW/sequencer

If you look at the desktop marketplace, the world is not short of DAW/sequencer options. And, if the likes of, for example, Cubasis, GarageBand, Auria Pro of now Gadget, don't float your particular boat, as I posted a few weeks ago, there are further options for you to consider (such as Meteor Multitrack that I also mentioned in an earlier post today).However, I also reviewed another interesting contender that made it's iOS debut quite recently; Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. As I discussed … [Read more...]