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Quantiloop giveaway results – 3 winners of stompbox-style looper app from Stephan Marx

While live performance using some sort of looping device has become much more mainstream over recent years, it is still perhaps a niche activity. As such, it is perhaps a bit surprising that we have quite so many looper-style apps available on the App Store as we do. Daddy of them all is, of course, Loopy HD, but there are other excellent contenders for your money including Loopr, Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop and Ostinator. And, recently released - and reviewed … [Read more...]

fluXpad sale – MoMinstruments take 25% off their left-field take on a sample-based sequencer

I posted a review of WretchUp from the Mouse On Mars development some time ago on the blog. WretchUp is most certainly a bit of a wild ride as an audio processor but, if you like to mangle audio in all sorts of unpredictable ways, and particularly if you like to do that in a performance context, then this is an app that might well appeal. The MoMinstruments team includes Oliver Greschke (of Elastic Drums fame) but, given WretchUp's pedigree, I think we should expect anything under the MoM … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets sample options

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. Yes, it's quite quirky in use in some ways but, if you like your drums synthesised rather than sample-based, then Elastic Drums is a source of great joy. It is also a pretty deep app and, if you do dig in, then there are some powerful drum synth options - including multiple synthesis engines designed for different drum types - to explore. The app … [Read more...]

MIDI Designer Pro update – Confusion Studio’s DIY MIDI design tool applies a little throttle

Developer Confusion Studios are one third of the team that, not so long ago, bought us the excellent Music IO utility app. However, they also have a further utility app for the MIDI geek that has been around the App Store for considerably longer; MIDI Designer Pro. If you like the idea of customising and building your own MIDI control surfaces using your iPads touchscreen interface, then MIDI Designer Pro is going to be right up your street. I reviewed the app some time ago and was very … [Read more...]

AUM and Sector sale – price reductions on Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant iOS music apps

As I posted yesterday, Jonatan Liljedahl's essential iOS music utility app - AudioShare - is currently on sale. There are some developers that qualify for almost universal hero worship amongst the iOS music making community and Jonatan is one of those. So, it is the ubiquitous utility app AudioShare, the truly inspiring (and sometimes mind bending) electronic rhythm/groove app Sector, or the minimalist audio effects of the AUFX series, Jonatan creates brilliant apps that almost any iOS musician … [Read more...]

AudioShare sale – iOS audio document manager gets sale pricing

Jonatan Liljedahl will be well know to almost every iOS musician through his AUFX series audio effects apps and his AudioShare utility app. I've never got around to doing a full review of AudioShare here on the blog, but it is the kind of tool that an iOS musician doesn't realises how useful it is to have around until they have actually got it around :-) As the app's full title suggests - 'AudioShare - audio document manager' - the app provides a way of organising your various audio files up … [Read more...]

TonApp AS SALE – SilQ EQ and GuitarCapo+ on limited time sale

I've reviewed both the GuitarCapo+ and SilQ iOS music apps from developer Tonapp AS here on the Music App Blog and provided some coverage of the various updates to the apps since release. As I pointed out in the initial review, GuitarCapo+ is part virtual instrument and part learning tool/chord utility for guitar players. In particular, in the latter context, it makes working out chord shapes when you want to play a song with a capo in place on your real (you know, that thing with strings on … [Read more...]

IK Multimedia sale – up to 75% off across the IKM iOS music app catalogue

As I've mentioned before, I'm not sure anyone really understands just how the App Store pricing model is supposed to work in the long term. The prices work very much in favour of the purchaser and their are some real software bargains to be had amongst the iOS music app category. However, if you are still in the process of building an app collection, things can get even better when sale time arrives... as it does on a regular basis. At this time, we obviously have Black Friday a few weeks … [Read more...]

Stroke Machine update – Wolfram Franke’s drum/groove sequencer gets some further tweaks

While I'm a guitar player at heart, as someone who also earns a bit of their crust through music production aimed at media uses, I'm more than willing to dip my toe into all sorts of music styles as the mood (and clients!) takes me. That includes electronica and EDM and, as such I have an iPad (and a desktop computer) that is very nicely populated with music software - apps, virtual instruments and plugins, etc. - that is aimed very squarely at those styles. Wolfram Franke's Stroke Machine is … [Read more...]