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Soft Drummer launched – Luis Martinez adds brushes to his excellent iOS drum machine series

I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps here on the Music App Blog over the last few years. While they might all be ‘apps’, the approaches do vary and cover a wide range of musical territory. For example, you might get apps that offer drums based upon audio loops (Drum Loops HD), sample-based virtual drum machines (I guess Patterning comes in here but it is way more than that), virtual drummers (think DrumPerfect Pro here), drum synths (Elastic Drums or Attack Drums or DM2 … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space giveaway results – 3 winners of Jonatan Liljedahl’s excellent reverb app

Jonatan Liljedahl makes some exceedingly good iOS music apps....  and the latest app to be joining the Music App Blog summer giveaway roster is AUFX:Space. As part of the compact - in form and price - AUFX audio effects/processor app series, AUFX:Space provides a high quality reverb effect is a very easy to use format. There are, however, all great apps and the price (AUFX:Space is UK£3.99/US$4.99) belies just what they are capable of. Anyway, having already provided copies of both … [Read more...]

Sector giveaway results – three winners of Jonatan Liljedahl’s brilliant loop app

The summer giveaway programme at the Music App Blog is coming along rather nicely....  and, if you like to take your audio loops and slice and dice them within an inch of their life, then today's addition to the growing giveaway list should really appeal. Jonatan Liljedahl's Sector - which I did a full review of when it was first released (and has had many new features and refinements added since) - is deep, slightly unpredictable and with just a touch of 'mad' (good mad though); in short, … [Read more...]

zMors giveaway results – 5 winners up of analog modelling synth from Sven Braun

I first reviewed Sven Braun's iOS music app zMors Synth when it was first released here on the Music App Blog. zMors Synth provides a virtual analog synth environment with four independent channels (that is, you have four instances of the synth engine built into a single app) so you can use up to four different sounds at any one time. Each of these synth channels has dual wave oscillators, an LFO, envelope and filter, while the oscillators have octave, tune, amp envelope, pan, mix (to balance … [Read more...]

Caramel giveaway results – 5 winners of distortion effect app from Holderness Media

If you are a dedicated iOS music app fan then you will probably already be familiar with Christopher Rice and the range of audio effects apps he has created for iOS musicians under his Holderness Media moniker. These included Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer and Crystalline; all are insanely cheap, wonderfully creative (thanks to the rather nifty user interface that shares many common features between the various apps) and are great for both live performance and recording tasks. I … [Read more...]

LORENTZ giveaway results – three winners of iceWork’s iOS synth app

I've said it before - and I'm sure most appaholic iOS musicians will have thought it on numerous occasions - but does the App Store (and, more specifically, the iOS music making marketplace) have room for any more synth apps? If there is a category of iOS music app that is abundantly well-stuffed already, then this must surely be it? That doesn't, however, seem to stop 'em coming nor to stop us iOS musicians from buying them....  How many iOS synths apps do you need (N+1 obviously, where n is … [Read more...]

VoxSyn giveaway results – three winners of VirSyn’s iOS vocoder app

VirSyn will be well known to the majority of computer-based musicians whether you work on the desktop or a mobile platform such as iOS. The company have an extensive portfolio of iOS music apps covering a number of different synths, audio effects and a dedicated arpeggiator app. Many of these apps are iOS-sized ports of VirSyn’s desktop virtual instruments and effects and I’ve reviewed a good number of them here on the blog over the last three years or so. VirSyn newest addition to this … [Read more...]

BIAS FX giveaway results – 5 winners of Positive Grid’s flagship iPad virtual guitar rig app

While the world of iOS guitar rig sims is perhaps not quite so well populated as that of iOS synths, there are a few real crackers. Positive Grid's BIAS FX is most certainly one of them. This is also a company that has taken some bold steps in branching out into hardware products and in taking their iOS software into the desktop marketplace.....  That's not a direction that many iOS developers have had the courage to tread.... It's difficult to deny that Positive Grid make some brilliant … [Read more...]

Moebius Lab giveaway results – 5 winners of Amazing Noises’ multi-effect iOS music app

I've reviewed a number of Amazing Noises' pocket-money priced – but very effective – iOS music apps on the blog. In almost all their apps - Limiter, Reverb FDN, DubFilter or Dedalus (for example) - this is a company that specialises in 'left-field'. The latest addition to the Amazing Noises catalogue is Moebius Lab which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It's launched with Audiobus, IAA and MIDI support, Midibus and Virtual/Network MIDI support and, at just 19MB, will squeeze into any iPad … [Read more...]