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Moebius Lab review – Amazing Noises add multi-effect madness to their iOS music app lineup

I've reviewed a number of Amazing Noises' pocket-money priced – but very effective – iOS music apps on the blog. While the titles of both Limiter and Reverb FDN suggest that might offer some fairly conventional-style audio effects, I think it is a pretty safe bet that that's not really what Amazing Noises have in mind for either app; both can be a weird and often wonderful ride into the more experimental regions of audio processing. I've also looked at DubFilter (really very cool and, … [Read more...]

Ruismaker giveaway results – 5 winners of compact drum synth app in an iOS AUi plugin format

Over the last 9 months or so, many iOS musicians have been keeping their fingers crossed that Apple's Audio Units plugin format - already well established in the desktop-based music production environment - was going to gain a grip under iOS9. However, for a variety of reasons (and some key ones down to Apple's initial implementation of AU under iOS), developers were somewhat cautious in their adoption of the AU format.... Thankfully, with AUv.3 now available, this does appear to be changing. … [Read more...]

SynthPatcher website – cool teeshirts for the committed synth fan

Regular iOS musicians - particularly those with an addiction to all things synthersizer - will be well aware of the SynthPatcher website. The site has a strong iOS following and provides a focus for any musicians who want to connect, collaborate and share patches, sounds and samples for use in their music production, whether that's iOS or otherwise. The site requires you to register to use the full range of features and there is a subscription fee of UK£1/month (i.e. pocket money pricing so … [Read more...]

VoxSyn review – VirSyn add a voice controlled synth to their iOS music app catalogue

VirSyn will be well known to the majority of computer-based musicians whether you work on the desktop or a mobile platform such as iOS. The company have an extensive portfolio of iOS music apps covering a number of different synths, audio effects and a dedicated arpeggiator app. Many of these apps are iOS-sized ports of VirSyn’s desktop virtual instruments and effects and I’ve reviewed a good number of them here on the blog over the last three years or so. VirSyn newest addition to this … [Read more...]

iSymphonic Orchestra update – Aulos IAP added to classy sample-based orchestral virtual instrument app

I did a full review of iSymphonic Orchestra about a week after it was released and, while I was impressed by the sound quality, I wasn't quite so convinced about the overall package. However, the app has had a number of updates since then and these have added new features, new sounds (included in the base price of the app) and a number of further sound options via IAP. It is now a much better proposition and, for orchestral sounds, is probably the best choice currently available under … [Read more...]

Ruismaker update – compact drum synth app in an iOS AUi plugin format gets its first tweaks

As I mentioned a few days ago, we now have out first AU plugin iOS drum machine/synth app; Ruismaker from developer Bram Bos. The app's synth engine actually started life within the design of an actual hardware drum synth; Ruismaker Annabella. However, as an app, Ruismaker launches as an AU-only plugin and does, therefore, require a suitable variant of iOS (v.9.0 or later is listed), suitable iOS hardware plus a suitable AU host. The app is, however, universal and, at just 10MB, it should be … [Read more...]

Voice Jam Studio update – TC-Helicon’s vocal/looper app for iOS gets new features

Back in November 2014, I posted a review of the rather interesting Voice Jam Studio app from TC-Helicon. If you have experience of the wider music technology world then you are probably familiar with the TC-Helicon brand. This is an offshoot of TC-Electronic that has a strong focus on products aimed at vocalists and they have created some very innovative products for vocal processing in both software and hardware. Voice Jam Studio brings some elements of the same technology found in … [Read more...]

Take update – Propellerhead go under the hood with their free vocal recorder iOS music app

I posted a review of Propellerhead's Take app when it was first released. Take - or to give it its full title, Take Creative Vocal Recorder - is an interesting little app. It is a three-track audio recorder with a bunch of preset, tempo-adjustable, rhythm/drum loops that can be added as a fourth track if you prefer a beat to record to or add some rhythmic interest. You can create a new song, select a track, hit record and – without much more fuss – sing (or play a guitar) into your iPhone’s … [Read more...]

Notetracks update – Notetracks Inc bring new features to their musical collaboration tool

Way back when (er… well, pre- the explosion of broadband internet connectivity) musicians met at gigs or music stores or college, bands formed and collaboration began. You rehearsed where anyone would let you make a noise and you booked a recording studio to capture a demo or three. As I outlined in the iPad Recording Studio series, recording technology is now available for the masses and, while you can still meet your musical partners face-to-face, the internet has made remote collaboration not … [Read more...]