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SoundFont Pro for iPhone review – multi-timbral virtual instrument arrives in an iPhone-friendly format

There are some truly remarkable synth apps available for iOS – Thor, Nave, Arctic ProSynth, iSEM, iMini, Animoog, iMS-20, etc. – all of which defy conventional logic when it comes to working out how they sound so good yet are so modestly priced. However, some of these are quite processor hungry and most (although not all) of the better iOS synths, are not multi-timbral; the majority of these instruments can only make one sound (albeit many notes of that sound) at any one time. Unless you are … [Read more...]

Loopy HD update – Michael Tyson’s classic iOS looper app gets more sharing options

Loops have become an integral part of modern music making. There is, of course, a big difference between using a few audio 'loops' and approaching your music making via a 'looper'. The latter is, however, an interesting experience if you have not tried it and, under iOS, despite the fact that there is now some very good competition (LoopTree, for example), my personal longstanding favourite for this method of music making is Loopy HD. I'm not alone here....  Loopy is a hugely popular app and … [Read more...]

Less is more; part 3 – a minimalist iPad recording studio on a budget

I posted a couple of articles (here and here) last week arguing the merits of ‘less is more’ when it comes to a working collection of iOS music apps and, in particular, a set of apps aimed at recording applications. In this third instalment, I want to pick up where I left off in part 2…. Before I do, however, let’s remind ourselves that this is not a new idea. There are lots of musical examples where successful artists have made brilliant music using only a limited range of equipment or under … [Read more...]

Modstep updated – AppBC add further tweaks to their iOS MIDI sequencer for iPad

Regular iOS music makers will be familiar with AppBC as the developer behind the Studiomux app which was updated recently. AppBC do like to keep themselves busy though and, back in December we saw the launch of a new app - Modstep - that includes some of the Studiomux technology but also offers a fully-blown MIDI sequencer with both step sequencing and piano roll editing environments. I did a full review of Modstep just after it was launched but the feature set is impressive. You can use … [Read more...]

Igor Vasiliev giveaway – 5 copies of AltiSpace and Audio Mastering to be won

Regular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering, Master FX and AltiSpace, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. They are all excellent tools and offer brilliant value for money. If you are a regular visitor to the site then you may have read the couple of 'less is more' discussion articles I posted last week. In 'part 2' of this, I put together a compact … [Read more...]

RP-1 update – Kai Aras brings new features to his iOS delay app

I did a couple of audio effects/processor app rounds articles a while ago here on the Music App Blog. It is a category that we have some excellent offerings within whether you are looking for more conventional processing options or more creative ‘out there’ effects. However, given the budget pricing of many iOS music apps, and given the fact that, until the AU format becomes more widely adopted, you are limited to a single instance of each music app running at any one time, there is certainly no … [Read more...]

DM2 giveaway results – 10 winners of Audionomy’s excellent iOS drum synth app

I was hugely impressed when I reviewed DM2 drum synth from Pascal Douillard's new Audionomy development team a week or so ago here on the Music App Blog. DM2 has made a brilliant debut and, while it has enough features to keep the more experienced drum programmers happy, it is also very accessible to those new to drum machine programming or drum synthesis. Of course, DM2 also offers Audiobus, IAA, MIDI in/out, MIDI Clock sync and (hooray!) Ableton Link from the off. DM2 comes with a beautiful … [Read more...]

Vatanator giveaway results – three winners of Georgi Georiev’s streamlined drum machine app

I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps for the blog over the last few years. These comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, within any iOS musician’s app collection, there is most certainly room for a number of these tools as, across the whole range, they offer different features, functions and approaches to working. One recent release in this category is Vatanator. This is the first app by developer Georgi Georgiev and I did a full review of the app on the blog a … [Read more...]

Positive Grid sale and updates – sale pricing on BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, JamUp Pro, Final Touch and IAPs

Don't you just love a bargain? Well, if you are a guitar playing/recording nut working under iOS, and you have not yet stumped up for the various Positive Grid iOS music apps, now might be a good time to do it. To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the company, Positive Grid have a sale running for just the next few days....  and this includes a number of their iOS music apps. BIAS FX is perhaps top of the pile as, in the sale, you can pick up a copy for just UK£7.99/US$9.99 (around 1/3 of the … [Read more...]