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Gumdrops update – iOS beat-making drum machine gets Audiobus Remote support – and ON SALE

I finally got a round to doing a full review of Gumdrops from Hanson Interactive a couple of months ago despite the app actually having been on the App Store since August last year…  I'm glad I did - but also kicking myself that it took my quite so long to discover the app - as Gumdrops is actually rather good :-) Gumdrops sort of borrows an approach to drum 'programming' that is hinted at in Properllerhead's Figure but taken here to a rather wonderful conclusion. So, the interface presents … [Read more...]

Hexaglyphics Noise Geneator updated – ‘legacy’ modes added to iOS noise generator app

Hexaglyphics Noise Generator has created quite a buzz (doh!) prior to its launch particularly among the more experimentally minded iOS musicians or sound design fans. The app is produced by Nicola Pisanti from Phantom Devices and is a described as a 13-bit noise generator featuring a touchscreen interface that uses gestures to create various types of noise. As I posted previously, Hexaglyphics hit the App Store at the end of April. The app requires iOS7 or later, is iPad only and is a tiny … [Read more...]

Musyc Pro update – Fingerlab rework their generative iOS music app

Musyc Pro (UK£2.99) is made by Fingerlab – the developers behind one of my very favourite iOS drum machines (and one I also use under OSX); DM1 – so we know it is coming with some pedigree. As with some of the other generative music apps described above, the interface is all about music creation though touchscreen control and creating patterns/objects on the touchscreen that, in some way, cause music to be generated. So far, so normal(ish)… the novel element is that those objects seem to use … [Read more...]

Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets some tweaks

Wooji Juice's Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for just over a month now and I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it just after it was released. Mitosynth looks great, sounds great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and plays nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus. It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my recommendation … [Read more...]

Animoog update – Moog Music’s classic synth app gets Audiobus Remote support

While iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a 'classic' status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music's Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£18.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£4.49) and, as a 35MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices. As I reported a short while ago, the iPad version had its first significant update in quite some time … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums teaser – Oliver Greschke trails upcoming Audiobus Remote support within his brilliant iOS drum app

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. I reviewed the app a few months ago and was very impressed with the sound and feature set of the first release. The app has also had couple of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features, including, in v.1.5, becoming 'universal' and offering graphical layouts that were able to … [Read more...]

MusicMakerJam update – Magix Audio add voice recording to their loop-based composition tool

Back in October of last year, I posted a review of the rather slick MusicMakerJam iOS music app from Magix Audio. MusicMakerJam is a loop-based music production tool in the same way that IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker, Cakewalk’s ScratchPad and Novation’s Launchpad are and all these apps bring something that owes a significant nod to Acid Pro, the desktop software that perhaps pioneered loop-based music production for the computer musician. And, as the base app is free and includes a … [Read more...]

Music Studio updated – Xewton bring further tweaks to their iOS DAW/sequencer

While I'm happy to admit to being a confirmed Cubasis user for my own iOS DAW/sequencer needs (it makes sense for me as I also use Cubase on my desktop), it is far from the only option when it comes to this class of iOS music app. One such alternative is Music Studio from Xewton and developer Alexander Gross. I've not done a full review of the app here on the blog (my bad; it's been around on the App Store since 2010, way before the Music App Blog came into being) but it has always struck me … [Read more...]

Tap Delay released – VirSyn add new delay app to their iOS music app roster

As I posted a while ago, VirSyn are quite fond of a sale or three on their iOS music app line and a number of their apps are currently sitting at a 50% off SALE price. This includes VirSyn's iOS mega-synth app Tera Synth alongside apps such as microTERA (a waveshapping synth and currently 50% off), Harmony Voice (pitch shifter and automatic harmony generation; also 50% off) and Addictive Synth (50% off). And the reason for this latest sale pricing? Well I suspect it is to coincide with the … [Read more...]