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Cubasis update – Steinberg add new ‘mini’ sampler instrument – and limited time sale

As I posted yesterday, Steinberg have their excellent iPad DAW/sequencer on a limited time sale. If you are quick, therefore, you can pick up a copy at around 40% off the usual price; it is currently listed for UK£22.99. Cubasis is, for my money, the best 'all round' DAW/sequencer we currently have under iOS and, while I'll be happy to have my view changed as and when Auria Pro arrives, Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks of … [Read more...]

Different Drummer update – Techné Media adds tweaks to their rhythm and music generator app

I've reviewed a lot of iOS music apps that fall into the drum or percussion category here on the Music App Blog. One slightly left-field option is Techné Media's Different Drummer. I've never done a full review of the app. It's not that it isn't very good - it is - it's more an admission on my part that I'm not sure my brain is quite up the task of mastering all the things the app has to offer :-) This is not one of the KISS iOS music apps that just does one simple thing and has a learning … [Read more...]

SynthMaster Player update – KV331 Audio bring some tweaks to their iPad synth preset player

A few weeks ago, I reviewed SynthMaster Player from KV331 Audio. The SynthMaster line exists on the desktop in a plugin format and includes both the ‘Player’ version (abound the US$30 mark) that has now been ported to iOS and the ‘full’ version that is both more expensive (starting at about US$129) but also fully programmable. The iOS ‘Player’ version is a free download as includes 100 preset sounds and you get 100 more when you register the app (done via the Menu button). However, there is a … [Read more...]

Animoog update – Moog Music’s classic synth app gets some further tweaks

While iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a 'classic' status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music's Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£22.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£4.49) and, as a 35MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices. As I reported a few weeks ago, the iPad version had its first significant update in quite some time at … [Read more...]

Korg SALE – last day of early summer SALE on iM1, Gadget and Module

As I posted a few weeks ago, Korg got into the early summer mood with sale pricing on all their iOS music apps on the back of the launch of their latest offering....  The company certainly made quite a splash with their iOS music apps in 2014. At the start of the year they released Gadget, their brilliant all-in-one electronic music production app, and have added extra 'gadgets' and other new features to it since. And, to cap off the year, we had Korg Module - probably the best sample-based … [Read more...]

Cubasis sale – Steinberg’s leading iOS DAW/sequencer on limited time sale

As regular readers here will be well aware, I'm a big fan of Steinberg's Cubasis and I think the developers have struck an excellent balance between the streamlined feature set suitable for use under iOS, ease of use, flexibility and price. However, if you are quick, you can pick up a copy at around 40% off the usual price; it is currently listed for UK£22.99. Cubasis is, for my money, the best 'all round' DAW/sequencer we currently have under iOS and, while I'll be happy to have my view … [Read more...]

midiSequencer SALE – Tony Saunders retro-inspired, but well featured, MIDI sequencer app at a bargain price

Styled on the analog sequencers of old, midiSequencer provides a step-based sequencing environment, with 16-steps where you can adjust pitch, velocity, gate, MIDI channel and a range of MIDI parameters over the 16 steps, all using some very retro-looking virtual faders. You also get tempo control, transpose functions, the ability to change the way a pattern steps through the sequence (there are some very flexible options here), add ornamentation and, of course, send your MIDI sequence out to a … [Read more...]

Audiomux updated – v.2 of AppBC’s audio over USB app brings a new approach and Windows support

I posted a full review of AppBC's Audiomux iOS music app a few months ago. Audiomux allows you to stream audio between your iOS device and OSX desktop computer using nothing more than the standard USB charging cable that is supplied with your iPad or iPhone. It also complements AppBC's Midimux app that does the same sort of data transfer for MIDI data. Both apps seems to work very well from the off and, used together, they make integrating your iOS music making technology and your desktop … [Read more...]

Navichord giveaway – 10 copies of chord/harmony exploration app up for grabs

I did a full review of Navichord here on the Music App Blog some time ago but, as I posted a couple of days ago, the app has just had a significant update to v. 1.2.3 adding some very useful new features. While the original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – the app is now a pretty well-specified MIDI performance tool and those educational features now also offer things that budding … [Read more...]