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BIAS FX review – Positive Grid bring the BIAS brand to the virtual pedal board and effects rack

OK, this is going to be a review of BIAS FX… but, if you are new to the whole iOS guitar amp sim thing, then I think a bit of context is quite useful here. Those in the know already… well, feel free to flip forward to the ‘Plug the gap’ section…   Otherwise, keep reading and you will get there in a minute :-) Guitar tones are a very personal thing. While the electric guitar has played a not insignificant role in defining the sound of music over the last 60 years or so, that ‘sound’ is … [Read more...]

Yonac sale – TODAY ONLY – Tonestack and Magellan at reduced pricing

I reviewed developer Yonac's ToneStack virtual guitar rig here on the blog when it was first released and the app has had a number of updates since that have added to the functionality offered. Yonac are also the developer behind Magellan (their flagship iOS synth). Tonestack attracted a lot of attention when it hit the iTunes App Store last July and it sounds very good indeed - up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS or Mobile POD - that iOS currently has to … [Read more...]

Enkl review – Klevgränd Produktion add a monophonic synth to their excellent iOS music app catalogue

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the excellent Cyclop from Sugar Bytes. Cyclop is a monophonic synth and is a port of Sugar Bytes desktop synth of the same name. Like all Sugar Bytes iOS music apps, Cyclop is brilliant and it sounds great. Also like Sugar Bytes other iOS music apps (and their software in general), it is most definitely left-of-centre and most definitely deep (or ‘busy’ depending upon your perspective on these things). I love Cyclop but I think my head is still spinning from … [Read more...]

Tera Synth updated – and with limited-time 50% pricing from VirSyn

VirSyn make some great iOS music apps...  and they are also pretty good at app sales :-) For a limited time only, a number of their iOS music apps are on sale at 50% of their usual price. Top of my personal list of these VirSyn-shaped bargains would be Tera Synth. Back in August last year when I reviewed Tera Synth, I was very impressed with this iPad-only synth. Right now, at UK£7.99 (50% off the normal price), it is a top-flight iOS synth at a bargain price. It is also easy enough to … [Read more...]

BIAS FX launched – Positive Grid’s new guitar-friendly FX app hits the App Store

As I posted a few weeks ago, Positive Grid have been releasing the occasional bit of teaser material for their new BIAS FX app for a while now. Given the powerful combination that Positive Grid's BIAS guitar amp designer and JamUp Pro guitar amp/cab/effects modeller provide, it is hardly surprising that they have become a combination of choice for lots of iOS musicians with a guitar habit. There is, of course, also a version of BIAS made for desktop computers (BIAS Desktop surprisingly … [Read more...]

Enkl launched – Klevgränd Produktion’s monophonic synth for iOS hits the App Store

As I posted a week or so ago, Klevgränd Produktion have been working on a new iOS music app called Enkl. As well as making rather excellent promotional videos for their recent releases, Johan Sundhage and Klevgränd Produktion also make pretty good iOs music apps - audio effects such as Vandelay, SquashIt, R0Verb and Svep and Weeel that is a MIDI utility app that provides you with a single X-Y control pad that can be used to generate MIDI pitch bend data and modulation wheel data. However, … [Read more...]

MIDI LE update – now midimittr – name change for MIDI connectivity app

I’ve reviewed MIDI LE here on the blog a few weeks ago. Launched back in October, this is a free universal app from developer Matthais Frick that originally provided just MIDI over Bluetooth connectivity. The app received a minor update a few days ago (to version 1.4.3). The update included some minor bugfixes but the main item to report was a name change - the app is now called midimittr rather than MIDI LE. I'm not sure what has prompted this change but the App Store description suggests it … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums updated – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app gets some tweaks

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. I reviewed the app a few months ago and was very impressed with the sound and feature set of the first release. The app has also had couple of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features, including, in v.1.5, becoming 'universal' and offering graphical layouts that were able to … [Read more...]

MicSwap Pro update – Future Moments update their mic simulation app

Back in December, I reviewed what I think was the first example of microphone modelling technology for iOS; MicSwap from developer Future Moments. MicSwap is a universal app and is supplied in two forms; a free version (with some feature restrictions) and a ‘Pro’ version (which is what I tried out; currently UK£14.99). The app works with iOS7.1 or later. The app simulates a number of different microphone types and these are depicted in some fairly obvious graphics so you can make a good guess … [Read more...]