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StepPolyArp update – Laurent Colson brings new features to his iOS arpeggiator app

I've mentioned my fondness for arpeggiators on the blog on a number of occasions - a fondness that stems from my less-than-stellar keyboard skills - which kind of makes it even more embarrassing that I've never got around to reviewing the excellent StepPolyPad app from Laurent Colson. Aside from being overworked and underpaid, my only real excuse is that Laurent's app has been around on the App Store way longer than the Music App Blog has been in existence :-) Laurent is, however, the … [Read more...]

SampleTank update – IK Multimedia’s sample-based virtual instrument gets tweaks

With RAM at a bit of a premium in iOS hardware (OK, the new iPad Air 2 has finally taken us to 2GB but most of us don't own one yet and most apps can't necessarily exploit it fully even if you do own one), the iPad or iPhone is perhaps the platform to expect the most sophisticated of sample-based instruments to exist. However, that hasn't stopped a number of iOS music app developers from trying to squeeze as much performance out of the 1GB-equipped current generation of the hardware as is … [Read more...]

Apollo Transmit update – wireless audio streaming app for Mac also free for a limited time

Long standing iOS music technology fans will be familiar with developer Patrick Madden and his Secret Base Design brand of apps. I've looked at a number of the iOS offerings here on the Music App Blog - MIDImorphosis, Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, Apollo Remote Recorder, Double Decker, Nice To Be Your Friend and Apollo Sound Injector - and it is safe to say that Patrick is (a) one of the good guy indie developers amongst the development community and (b) specialises in rather neat problem-solving … [Read more...]

SoundScaper giveaway results – 5 winners of Igor Vasiliev’s experimental sound mini lab

I’ve reviewed Igor Vasiliev’s latest iOS music app here on the Music App Blog last week. SoundScaper is ‘an experimental sound mini lab’ and you get a series of tools for creating soundscapes, drones, glitches, ambient textures and just plain weird noises. While it is undoubtedly a bit of a niche product, it has to be said the SoundScaper is also something of a triumph. If you have an experimental streak or just work with sound design projects, this may well be a bit of a no-brainer…. and, … [Read more...]

Tools vs music – do the tools matter once the music is finished?

If you have hung around the Music App Blog for any length of time then you will know I’m a fan of iOS technology as a platform for music making. There are a number of reasons for this – and I’ll summarise those in a minute – but, equally, I’m also the very happy owner of a desktop music production system. My current setup happens to be based around an iMac but I’ve also worked quite happily with PC setups in the past. In its broadest sense, technology has played a part in music making for a … [Read more...]

Johan Sundhage interview – Jakob Haq provides the questions and a brilliant insight into iOS music app development

Do you speak Swedish? Er...  no, neither do I (although my French is coming along gradually) so a big 'thank you' to Jakob Haq who, for thesoundtestroom, has not only conducted a really interesting video interview with iOS music app developer Johan Sundhage from Klevgränd Produktion, but also took the time to add sub-titles in English to the video. I've reviewed a number of the iOS music apps produced by Klevgränd Produktion here on the music app blog - Squashit, Vandelay, Svep and, most … [Read more...]

Sound Canvas for iOS review – Roland bring their Sound Canvas technology to the iOS platform

If you are the kind of iOS musician who thrives on cutting-edge synths, sound design and creative audio effects options, then you are not short of choice when you start exploring the iTunes App Store. And whether it’s just dabbling with the presets, or digging in and crafting your own sounds, you can access an almost endless set of sound options that would slot right in to any contemporary dance or electronic music production. However, if your musical tastes or activities require a more … [Read more...]

Audiobus update – v.2.1.10 arrives on the App Store

As I posted a week or so ago, Michael Tyson has noted in his video blog that his work on Loopy Masterpiece was on hold for a while because the Audiobus team are have been spending some time looking at some of the issues highlighted by user feedback (er...  I guess that means bugs). A further Audiobus update has arrived on the App Store today - v.2.1.10 - and is, I suspect, a result of some of that work. Michael commented in one of his videos a couple of weeks ago that they had uncovered an … [Read more...]

Dedalus review – ‘delay audio mangler’ iOS music app from Amazing Noises

I’ve reviewed a couple of Amazing Noises’ pocket-money priced – but very effective – iOS music apps recently. While the titles of both Limiter and Reverb FDN suggest that might offer some fairly conventional-style audio effects, I think it is a pretty safe bet that that’s not really what Amazing Noises have in mind for either app; both can be a weird and often wonderful ride into the more experimental regions of audio processing. As I noted a week or so ago, the company have now released a … [Read more...]