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Samplr update – Marcos Alonso adds iOS8 support to his creative sample music app

'So (I can hear some of you asking) why have you never got around to doing a full review of Samplr John?' Good question... to which I have no sensible answer other than being overworked and underpaid and, as a result, unable to keep up with every iOS music app (even just the good ones!) that appear on the App Store on a all-to-regular basis. However, while I can do nothing more than hold my hands up and plead guilty as charged, I'm not complaining about the number of apps; in terms of the … [Read more...]

LiveFX update – creative multi-effects app from Elephantcandy gets Audiobus 2 support

We iOS musicians have been lucky enough to see a whole range of different audio effect apps released over the last few months. I’ve reviewed some of the best of these here on the blog and, as on the desktop, audio processing tools come in a number of varieties ranging from the corrective to the more creative. Towards the more corrective end of the spectrum might be noise gates, compressors, EQ or pitch correctors, while the more creative tools might go from standard effects such as delay or … [Read more...]

VocaLive update – IK Multimedia bring iOS8 support

I reviewed IK Multimedia's VocaLive app some 18 months ago here on the Music App Blog and I've covered a couple of updates since then. I've looked at the iPad version but there is also a version for iPhone (VocaLive is not a universal app; the iPhone version has slightly different features). On both platforms, however, the intention is the same; to provide an all-in-one vocal processing suite aimed primarily (as the title suggests) at vocalists playing live but it is equally at home in the iOS … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect updated – new features for leading iOS virtual drummer app

Marinus Molengraft's excellent DrumPerfect was a shoe-in for my personal top ten iOS music apps of 2014 list.  It might not yet have all the bells and whistles found in desktop virtual drummers such as BFD3 or Suprior Drummer 2, but it is the most realistic acoustic drum performance that you can get under iOS and, under the hood, has some very clever programming to deliver great performances without a massive CPU or sample storage overhead. A new update for the app - v.1.0.5 - arrived on the … [Read more...]

Christmas app giveaway results – iOS music app-shaped presents thanks to some very generous developers

Well, Christmas has come and gone...  and you might well have got all the iOS music apps your heart desired over the holiday period. Or, of course, you might have got socks you will never wear and a 'novelty' Christmas jumper. In which case, winning a app in the Music App Blog Christmas giveaway might be a bit of a consolation :-) This is the first time I've tried to run a giveaway on this scale via the site and the response from our various iOS music app developers was, frankly, a bit … [Read more...]

Limiter and Reverb launched – Amazing Noises bring new audio effects apps to the App Store

Come on, keep up! OK, I admit that I can't either... there are just too many new iOS music apps appearing at any one time to really follow everything that's happening :-) Which is not necessarily a bad thing unless, of course, you have a complete app addiction and lack the will power to resist a new toy (I think I qualify here). While I still have not managed to get around to a review of Gliderverb from developer Amazing Noises, the company snuck in Limiter to the App Store just before … [Read more...]

Voice Rack: FX launched – Music tech giant TC-Helicon release stand-alone vocal FX app for iOS

If you have experience of the wider music technology world then you are probably familiar with the TC-Helicon brand. This is an offshoot of TC-Electronic that has a strong focus on products aimed at vocalists and they have created some very innovative products for vocal processing in both software and hardware. TC-Helicon stuck a toe in the iOS music software waters a couple of months ago when they released Voice Jam Studio. I reviewed that app back in November and it combines vocal effects … [Read more...]

Top 10 iOS music apps of 2014 – the Music App Blog selection

2014 has certainly been an eventful year of iOS music making. On the one hand, we had the introduction of iOS8 and, while for the the general user I think this iteration of Apple’s mobile OS has some significant new features, its arrival certainly posed a bit of a challenge for iOS musicians (a challenge that we are, to some extent, still dealing with). Eventually, I’m sure iOS8 will bring benefits for us - you know, just before iOS9 gets launched :-) - but, for many iOS music makers, ‘smooth’ … [Read more...]

Happy holidays from the Music App Blog

It's that time of year again - the extended holiday season when most (although not all) of us get to spend time with friends and family and to enjoy a break from the usual routine. We won't be quite shutting all the doors here at the Music App Blog (if something really interesting pops up, I'll keep you posted) but, of course, like almost everyone else, I'll be concentrating upon other things over the holiday period rather than writing about music technology. If you are an iOS-using musician, … [Read more...]